How I Pack My Carry-On

How I Pack My Carry-On

Packing is still hard for me sometimes. I either over pack or pack too little. It’s all of fun little Tetris game trying to make everything fit. Fun fact: I like to travel with just a carry-on and I have to get creative with how I put things in. Yes, it can give me a huge headache but it’s the best way for me to travel. So if you’ve ever thought about using just a carry-on, here’s how I pack my carry-on!


On my last trip I tried this and I was surprised it worked! Get a large enough ziplock bag and pack things in there. I rolled up my leggings really tightly and managed to fit quite a few in a bag. I also did this with t-shirts and it worked. It compressed everything in giving me more room! I usually pack in a drawstring backpack inside of my carry-on just in case I need to carry more things because it’s much smaller so it’s not a full on extra bag.

Keep It Simple

I feel like usually when people think about just carry-on it scares them because they think they have to leave a lot of stuff behind. But honestly, sometimes we over-pack on trips. The way to get into using carry-ons is by thinking logically and planning about what you’re taking. We tend to pack for the “what if’s.” We don’t know if we’ll randomly lose or rip something, but usually it doesn’t. Travel light, it helps!

Use Your Purse

I usually also put stuff in my actual purse to not overpack my carry-on. It’s usually stuff that I can take out and don’t have to be carrying around all the time. I usually put my makeup and other toiletries in my bad. Also, my bag is usually big enough to carry extra things, but not too big that it’s a hassle to use.


What is your packing strategy?