How I Gained So Many Followers on Pinterest

How I Gained So Many Followers on Pinterest

The weirdest thing in the world is that I have over 10k followers on Pinterest. I remember not trying to use Pinterest as a blogger because I didn’t think my content fit the platform since I do personal posts here and there. One day I decided to re-pin a bunch of fashion looks and got hooked on using it again. I have everything from a flowers board to self-help tips. I don’t know a for sure way of how I gained so many followers on Pinterest but here’s what I was doing. I kid you not, I went from a couple hundred to now 10k. Still weirded out about it. Here’s what I did.

Genuinely Use Pinterest

This is probably my main point. Use Pinterest for fun like a regular person will. It’s hard to shake the blogger mentality but sometimes you have to. Re-pin your fashion inspo, your holiday decor inspo, or little things that make you happy. Genuinely using Pinterest will make you look like a real account put also attracts other people that aren’t just bloggers. Use Pinterest because it’s fun and looking at pretty things is great. I use Pinterest daily and re-pin my favorite looks to pictures of New York just for fun.

Yes, Looks Matter

Pinterest is all about what people see. From a blogger standpoint, make sure the pins you do post are clean and not super busy. Also, if you’re just constantly posting pins with text overlays, it just gets repetitive. Break up your posts. So post one of yours then re-pin something else. Pin the pretty things. Thinking about it like a creative mood board helped me a lot.

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Don’t Sweat It

It’s so cliche but don’t overthink it. I still think it’s weird I have that many followers on Pinterest. I didn’t go into it with the mentality of gaining followers. Just have fun with it and enjoy it. Pinterest is definitely one of the few platforms were it’s just simple and fun to use.

Overall, the takeaway is to genuinely enjoy using the platform. Don’t go in with a blogger mentality just trying to get followers. Use it because you genuinely like it.

Do you use Pinterest? What’s your favorite social network?

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