Hamilton LA | Review

Hamilton LA | Review

Hamilton happens to be one of my favorite musicals. I got the chance to see it in New York so when I heard it was coming to Los Angeles, I knew I had to go see it. I just love the musical so I knew that I was just happy to even be able to see it again. So I just went into it ready to soak it all up. Let’s just say, spending my whole morning back in April trying to get tickets was worth it. So here’s a bit of my experience and what I thought, especially compared to the Broadway version.

The Show & Pantages

The show is exactly the same as the one in New York and has the same run time with a 15 minute intermission. It features the national tour cast, which is amazing. It’s basically what you will see in New York but here in LA! The Pantages is significantly bigger than the Richard Rodgers, which makes bathroom breaks easier and buying snacks and merch faster since there’s more places to be able to check out.

Something I noticed is that so many people would stand up and come back in during the show and it got distracting. I had orchestra seats so I was close enough but still far back. Someone stood up during “Dear Theodosia” and their whole row had to stand up to let them through. That Friday night crowd is something else.


I love the tour cast I don’t even know where to begin. The show was absolutely phenomenal. I’ve also don’t regularly use that word so you know I mean it. This time around I felt like I got to see the story told in a deeper way and not just focused on singing. There’s so many details and things going on at all times that it was entertaining to see. Solea Pfeiffer (Eliza), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Angelica), Ruben J. Carbajal (Laurens/Philip), Jordan Donica (Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), and Joshua Henry (Aaron Burr) are such amazing actors that truly embodied their characters. The whole show was smooth and electric. I would honestly pay tons to see it in LA again.

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*Spoiler, kind of: Laurens’ death didn’t make me weep here in LA as it did in New York and seemed like it happened so fast.* But Philip’s death was a lot more heartbreaking in this performance. The Cabinet Battles are always some of the songs I skimmed through. Broadway actually made me love them but I didn’t care much for them here. Solea’s rendition for “Burn” was flawless and really emotional. The energy in “The Schuyler Sisters” and “Yorktown” was felt throughout the audience. 

Emmy absolutely nailed every song she sang. “Satisfied” gave me chills.Whenever all the guys sang a song together it was so great to see like in “My Shot” and “The Story of Tonight.” Joshua Henry did such an amazing job with “The Room Where It Happens” that you just felt Burr’s breaking point and the final turning point in the show. 

Overall, this was an amazing show and I definitely recommend seeing the tour cast. The show was done so well and they definitely did it justice. I fell in love with the musical all over again.

Are you a fan of Hamilton? What’s your favorite musical?

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