God Just Wants Me to Be Happy

God Just Wants Me to Be Happy

I will start off by saying that this is a big topic. But it’s also a topic that needs to be talked about with wisdom. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people around social media saying how “God just wants me to be happy.” A lot of times are doing things that go against God’s word and use this to justify what they’re doing. At first, I thought maybe it was just me thinking about how this seemed off. However, I saw this video for FarAwayDistance where she explains this so well. I realized that it was a legit concern. People use this excuse to justify their sin most of the time and act on feelings. (Watch that video it’s great.)

The Christian walk is not easy. The Bible has so many examples of people who were faithful to God put in hard situations. I feel like our modern culture has tried to minimize this truth. We want these easy and in our own way so we try to help God a lot. But that’s the thing. Going to a “modern” church and just focusing on these feel-good ideas is not doing us any good. Let’s dive deep into this.

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Your Will is Not God’s Will

Just because we want something doesn’t mean it’s what God wants. God isn’t calling us to be happy in ourselves but to be holy in Him, within return will bring us a sense a joy found in Him. I feel that people have gotten into this sense of “it’s a minimal thing it won’t bother God” but God is way bigger than that and cares for our hearts. It brings me to 1 Corinthians 10:23-24 which says, “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive. No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” Point blank, the Bible tells us a lot of what we shouldn’t do. Just because you don’t like it, does not mean you shouldn’t do it. Following God is not easy. We need to snap out of this culture of doing what makes us feel good instead of doing what makes us holy. If God’s will tells us to do something we don’t like, it’s because He has a bigger plan and knows what won’t lead us into temptation. Ultimately, His will, will bring peace.

What is Judgment

When people get told something that they don’t agree with, they immediately call it judgment. It’s important to learn to discern who is genuinely telling you what the right thing to do is and who is just trying to attack you. Just because we don’t hear what we want to hear does not mean the person is judging us.

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Here’s an example

This is actually the situation that sparked this conversation in my head (among many others though). This is in no way to shame the people (I actually don’t know them) but just thought it was an interesting take.

The Situation

Person A posted on Facebook how she was moving in with her boyfriend and people at her church were disagreeing. Obviously, the whole thing of sex before marriage was brought up and such. Person B commented that she should find a “modern” church. (I’m using quotations and this can also be a topic for a whole other conversation and I disagree with what that means). Then Person C comments just explaining why people might not find it right and what the Bible says. I personally thought she did it in a nice way where she was just explaining the Bible and not telling Person A what she was doing was wrong.

However, Person D replied to Person C using a verse about judging. Again, in my opinion, Person C replied back in a nice way saying how she was not judging just explaining what the Bible is saying and what it means to the situation. But it turned into people calling Person C judgmental and how she should let Person A be happy. It spiraled then I clicked off so I’m not sure what happened next. But my issue was that Person C wasn’t attacking Person A. She was just talking about what the Bible said and talking about it in the context of her situation. But instead, everyone made her out to be the bad guy, when really she had the best intentions since she wanted the Bible to lead the situation.

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I know that was kind of confusing to follow. But the point is that someone tried to genuinely speak and guide someone through their situation using the Bible. But since it seemed like the opposite of what they wanted to do, everyone took it as judgment. When it really wasn’t.

Now let’s go back to what is judgment

There’s a lot of things the Bible says not to do. Let’s be honest, if someone tells you something might be against God’s word, take a moment to listen. I won’t say that people will always speak to you with their best intentions. But if they mention something can be sinful or such, take a moment to research the Bible and see where they are coming from. As humans, we natural dislike when someone is telling us we’re doing something wrong. Especially in the Christian context, people don’t want to be labeled a sinner or like they’re backsliding. Discernment is something very important to have. Read your Bible and realize what God has to say and what people may be referring to.

Here’s What I Think (Bare With Me)

Like I said in the start, I’ve seen a lot of people around social media justifying a lot of their sin with the notion that God just wants them to be happy. A lot of them always say that God has bigger issues to worry about. Let’s just stop and remember that God is not human and more complex than we are. He is capable of a lot more and He cares about the prosecuted just like He cares about your heart. The Bible doesn’t change. Going to a “modern” church doesn’t make it okay. If you have to ask about a situation because the Bible mentions it, then it’s better to follow what the Bible says. Don’t strive to be happy on your own terms. God calls us to live holy lives. When we do, we can find greater joy in His will. If you feel like you have to justify an action, it’s better to not do it just in case. Living in obedience will be worth it long term.

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I feel like this is a big topic that goes deeper. There’s a lot of aspects to look at like what is sin, putting the Bible into practice in our current society, and interpretation. But this is just something that needs to get talked about a lot more.

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