Giving Up on the Perfect Instagram

Giving Up on the Perfect Instagram

Giving up on the perfect Instagram because there are other things that should occupy your mind than that. Let's talk about it.

Recently Instagram announced that it would be trying out hiding likes from posts. The person who posted can still see likes but followers will not. People reacted differently to this. Some were for it and others were against it. However, it just brings to light how much people care about Instagram. I like Instagram and cared a lot about how it looked. But I’m giving up on the perfect Instagram. I can’t imagine caring so much about an app that causes me stress. Why does the amount of likes a picture gets matter? But there’s so much to it. Instagram has become a world of its own. Let’s talk about it.

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It’s Not That Deep

This is 100% my opinion. With all the things going on in the world, being upset about Instagram likes is ridiculous. Instagram is still a social media network that can fade at any time. Remember how people were genuinely upset at not getting into someone’s Top 8 on MySpace? At the end of the day, these things won’t matter. Spending money on likes and followers just shows this is turning into a toxic place that we have to prove we’re important to others. If we think about social media constantly and how to make sure they’re perfect, it’s time to take a break. Social media will never replace your real life.

We give too much significance to social media. One time I saw a girl tweet that if a girl posts a picture first about the relationship than the guy it’s a red sign. How!? Instagram can’t and shouldn’t define relationships. I don’t know how to stress this enough: People put too much importance on Instagram. If it’s changing us, stressing us out because we can’t get a good photo to post, or making us waste money, it should concern you. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. It doesn’t matter if one picture ruined your feed, especially if you genuinely wanted to post a good moment. Life is not a perfect grid.

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From An Influencer Perspective

Engagement means a lot when you’re making money online. Recently, there was an influencer (who is very problematic) get her Instagram account deleted and she made a video crying about how she has to get a normal job and belittling people with regular jobs. The fact that we’ve gotten to this point is kind of sad. I know how much Instagram likes and followers matter as an influencer. But getting so fixated on these things seem so silly. Building an audience that gives us organic engagement can be hard. But that’s what we need to do. I believe that’s one of the reasons influencers take it so seriously because they only want Instagram to be perfect.

Numbers matter a lot as an influencer. But between people buying likes and followers and using Twitter to complain about algorithms, maybe removing likes from Instagram isn’t a bad thing. Blogging used to be just for fun. There are a good amount of bloggers that do it for fun and make money. However, there are a number of influencers just chasing the fun lifestyle for money who ruin it for others. It just made Instagram a competition when it shouldn’t be. I won’t deny influencers need Instagram because I know I do. It’s just unfortunate it’s gotten to a point that it causes stress for many.

Why I Don’t Care Anymore

I really enjoy taking pictures. But I remember getting to the point that I wouldn’t post a picture because I knew people wouldn’t like it or it didn’t go with my theme. As much as I want an aesthetic theme, it gets so tiring. What if your best moment didn’t fit your theme? People are using Finstas but why is Instagram so serious that we can’t just post what we want? I’ve gotten to the point that I do have a filter I stick with but don’t try to monitor what gets posted next. Instagram is supposed to be fun where we share memories. If my Instagram Stories aren’t the most fun or if my pictures aren’t aesthetic, I’m okay. This is for the memories not for the like count.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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  • This is so good! Sucks getting caught up in the aesthetic game while still trying to just post what you like without writing about what people think or care about seeing.

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