Gifts for Disney Lovers

Gifts for Disney Lovers

Every Disney lover knows that you can never have too much Disney in your life. There’s always some new memorabilia we need to get. It’s really easy to just give a Disney gift card or a shirt. But I’m going to be sharing some different, cool gifts and Disney lover would enjoy! Here are gifts for Disney lovers.

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Pins and Patches

Pins and patches are making a comeback and I am all for it. If you know Disney, pins are already a really big thing in the community. But it’s really easy to exhaust your options since Disney only puts out a couple of new ones per month. A fun option is FanFlaire! There are all types of pins (including non-Disney things) and they all have a cool twist. For patches, The Enchanted Hollow on Etsy has such a wide variety and they also have some inspired by the parks!

Stamped Jewelry

One of my favorite Disney things I know isn’t really directly Disney. I love stamped jewelry because it’s so customizable. Recently, I got a necklace from JewelryHills with Disneyland’s coordinates and I’m planning to get one of Disney World too! I really love the idea of this because it’s a subtle way to carry around Disney. Plus, you can do quotes or lines from your favorite movie or song.

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani bracelets have been around but I finally got around to them and I’m in love! There’s so many options available from park ones to princesses. My sister and I have them kind of like a bonding thing, so it’s perfect to give to someone who means a lot to you. There’s also some with quotes and you can collect them. They’re super cute!

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Everyone loves a good candle. What’s better than a plain old’ candle? A candle that smells like Disney. Anthology Candles sells candles that smell like the parks! This can literally change the mood of the room you’re in. Plus, they have a churro one and one that smells like Belle’s library!


What kind of gift will you have the Disney lover in your life?

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