Gift Guide for College Students

Gift Guide for College Students

Y’all, college is hard and I can slowly feel my light dim the more I get into grad school. College students are just confused kids trying to be adults. So what better than a gift guide for college students!? College kids are just trying to make it through life and all they really need is some coffee, tbh. But here are some more handy things to give them.

Gift Card to Barnes and Noble

Or literally, gift cards wherever you can get books. I recently found that Barnes and Noble do book rentals and it’s amazing. College books are expensive so please help a sad and broke college student to not go broke buying one book. It’s such a helpful gift. Then they can get that money back if they end up selling the book. So it’s a win-win.

Anything Food Related

But like actual food. Sure a shirt that says “fries before guys” is funny but it’s not going to keep us fed. Give groceries, gift cards to their favorite coffee shops, or tools so they can actually cook a good meal. Food is life. A food gift is always a good gift. Plus, it means a lot when they’re stressed and sees that they have something to buy something st Starbucks.

The Necessities

I’m actually really weird at receiving gifts. I hate feeling like someone is wasting their money on me. I know it’s fun getting really cool gifts and the latest anything. But give college kids things that they will use in life. Does it seem like a boring gift? Sure. But at least they’ll have something they’ll use.

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What’s a gift you would get college students?

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