Getting Real with The Chi

Getting Real with The Chi



Life and culture is always something that is amazing to see on TV. Being Hispanic, I love embracing my culture and seeing others. There’s a lot of different experiences we all have. The Chi feels real. It is showing how people live in Chicago and the experiences that happen there. The Chi is available on SHOWTIME streaming so you can watch it commercial free and you don’t need a cable subscription! Trust me, you’re not even going to want to push pause once you start watching.

Getting Real with The Chi

Coming from minority groups can be tough when we’re trying to rise up. There’s a lot of family ties and societal ties that hold us to the past. The Chi tries to navigate all that and looks at the lives of different people trying to survive in Chicago and break away for the barriers placed on them.

Getting Real with The Chi

One of the characters that resonated with me was Brandon. He’s pushing to strive for better and has big dreams of opening a restaurant. But his mom keeps coming into his life and it’s almost like a thorn at his side and with a tragedy, he has to push through his circumstances to reach his dreams.

Coming from a family of immigrants, I’ve always wanted to reach for more. I was born in East LA, which is not the prettiest part of Los Angeles. Sometimes it’s really hard because there are struggles and expectations others put on you, but we need to break out from the molds people assume from us.

The Chi doesn’t shy away from the hard topics and that’s a good thing. It’s showing life as it truly happens. That’s needed on TV. It’s fun to get whisked away to magical stories but sometimes it’s really good to just see a show that’s real.

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