I’ve been really committed to YouTube this year. I’m not going to lie, making videos is a lot harder than making a post. With blog posts I can usually work as I go. I can write and worry about pictures later or vice versa. But with YouTube, I have to be 100% prepared before I even start, which makes it a bit difficult with my schedule.

I’m usually really good at pre-filming a good amount of videos and schedule them before time, but I hit a bit of a wall. My channel mixes lifestyle and Disney. Thankfully, there is always Disney content out there but I’m struggling with lifestyle.

So I’m asking for your help! I’m always trying to put out content you want to see, so I put together a survey so you can give me an idea of what you would enjoy. This will also help me on here so I can brush up my lifestyle content.

And for helping, you can enter to win a Starbucks gift card! Good trade off, right? The survey form is in the giveaway widget and can also be found here. Hope you can help me out!

$15 Gift Card Giveaway

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