First Love

First Love

What is the first love? God is love and He is always waiting for people to come back to him no matter what.

There’s this song by Hillsong Young & Free called, “First Love.” (Listen to it here) At first, it can seem like just another love song. But I feel that the message is so much deeper than what we think of first glance. It’s an honest prayer asking God to not let their fire for Him die out. But the most important theme is the idea of asking God to bring back those people who aren’t following Him back. More and more on Twitter, I’ve been seeing people tell their stories about leaving the church. For the most part, I can see where people are coming from. But a lot of the time people leave the church because of other people disappointing them. There is a need to rediscover the true first love of God.

Your First Love

People want to be loved. It’s a need to want to be wanted. Everything about the Bible tells us is that God loves us. It tells us that we need the church because we need community. What’s the thing that made you love God in the first place? Sometimes as the years pass in our Christian life, things become routine and the initial excitement wears down. And sometimes people get discouraged and begin missing the point on who God is and get disappointed in the church and choose to leave.

The thing is that some put their faith in people and not in God and think it’s the same thing. Should Christians show the love of God? Yes. But do they? Not always because we are all sinful people. Then people get disillusioned because they think God let them down when it was people. I pray that people are genuine and kind, but unfortunately it’s not always like that. We need to remember that people are not God and He is infinitely better and way more than what humans are. Looking at God above humans, even people we respect in the church is important. People will let us down but God will not. Don’t let people cloud your view of God. Humans are not perfect but God is.

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You’ll See This World Return

There is always hope. The amazing thing about God is that He is patient and will wait for people to find their way. It’s never an easy journey and there are definitely things that will break your faith. God is God. He is far more interested in you taking your time and come back to Him than forcing you to. The God who sent His son to die loves you infinitely more than anyone else can. His love is pure and once you truly experience it, you will know it’s all you need.

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” – Jeremiah 31:3 NIV

To Those in the Church

Seeing people that once had a bright fire distance themselves is heartbreaking. It’s something to acknowledge and pray about. Plus, show them love and grace so they can see that God will still love them. People in the church sometimes turn their back and point their fingers but that accomplished nothing and pushes people away more. God’s grace can welcome back even the worst sinner. We as the church cannot be the stumbling block. People will always have the chance to find God’s love again and we can’t be the ones to stop it.

This isn’t aimed at anyone. I think this is me talking through something that’s been on my mind. Personally, I know people in this situation. At the end of the day, the goal is to show them who their first and true love is.

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