Figuring Out My Fitness Journey

Figuring Out My Fitness Journey

I’ve never been the one to purposely go do something to stay active. But I decided to get my life together and become active. I briefly mentioned this back in February but I started my fitness journey. I wish I could say that since then I’ve been amazing at it but it’s been a challenge. Not in a bad way but it’s been a lot of learning and trying to see how it fits in my life. I’m figuring out my fitness journey because it definitely does not look like some of the people I follow online.

What’s shocking is that I don’t completely hate working out. I love the burn. But I feel like there’s still a lot of things I’m figuring out. Here’s a bit of what my journey has looked like.

Finding Motivation

I feel like finding motivation is something everyone struggles with. I’m the kind of person that loves giving myself a free pass. So it it means doing 10 reps instead of 12 or not go to the gym because of the weather or I wanted to sleep. Excuses are so easy. I literally have to push myself to go to the gym. But once I’m there, I know that it’s exactly what I want to be doing. It’s a lot of reminding myself of why I even want to start getting fit. It’s hard but something you have to constantly keep thinking about because motivation won’t just be there.

Food is Key

You can have the best workout but if you go on eating junk food, it doesn’t work. A trainer told me to that it’s 80% food and 20% what you do. (I’m not a professional so consult with someone who is!) That works for me. Before I was the kind of person that felt like I could eat anything if I worked out. But that’s not the case. Being more conscious about what you eat tends to be more important than what work out you do. I found that I don’t obsessed over meal prepping or legit reading a label but figure out the best food options for me and start from there.

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It’s Not that Bad

Not going to lie, I was the person that used every excuse to get out of P.E. in school. Th most activity I did was dance. So working out seemed like torture. But after getting to the gym and seeing how much my body can change and get stronger, I love it. It’s really important to find the workouts that you actually like. It’s not all one size fits all. What works for someone else, may not work for you and that’s okay. You’ll begin to warm up to it when you find what you actually like doing.

What are your tips for those starting their fitness journey?

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