February in Review | '19

February in Review | ’19

California has been super rainy lately. February was filled with a lot of rainy days in. I always loved the rain but it’s been wild this time around. It was a good month overall but this just means March is finally starting which is my birthday month! Anyway, here’s February in review.


– Skincare is huge for me. I shared about Biore this month because I genuinely love them but have been having a steady routine. My skin has been looking and feeling a lot better so I need to keep it going so it can stay fresh.

– My hair has gotten ridiculously long. It’s great though because I wanted long hair but it also means I’m leaving it natural often to let my curls breathe and look their best on their own.


– I barely started watching New Girl and I’m hooked. It’s been so easy to binge and it’s so funny. Don’t know how it took me this long.

– I also started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine again, but for real this time. I’m actually paying attention to it but it’s taking me longer to get through because of ads on Hulu. Oh well.


– I’m going to Australia in July and I’m in planning mode because that’s who I am. There’s so much I want to plan but also want to chill. I have time.

– In general, life has been chill. I can’t complain because I’d rather have chill days than live stressful. It’s all been good.

Around the Web

– For some reason I’ve been really into watching flight attendant vlogs on YouTube. I got one on recommended and now I’m hooked. It’s so fun to watch and makes me less scared to fly.

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