Favorite Workout Wear

Favorite Workout Wear

Who would ever imagined I would be the person with favorite workout wear? But here we are. I always thought all workout wear was the same. But I was wrong. Just like regular clothes, workout wear fits differently and you need to be comfortable. Finding the perfect items can make you feel so good during a workout and I like feeling like I’m fit (haha). Here are some of my favorite brands I love to use.


From researching it, this is a Target brand and it’s amazing! It’s a more fashion-y collection but so comfortable. My go to sports bra is from JoyLab (not an affiliated link) and it’s cute and comfy for high impact workouts. The price isn’t so bad either. I’m more into function than fashion so I’m glad this worked well with me. I would stock up on this brand!

C9 Champion

I believe you can also just buy these at Target but I could be wrong. The C9 Champion bottoms are my go to! I recently bought a blue cropped legging and it fits so nicely. They’re smooth and have different fabrics for your preference. The leggings are squat proof and such a great material. I use them a lot.

New Balance

So fun fact: I was given two free New Balance shirts a couple years ago and had them stored away. After my trainer jokingly told me I only wear oversized shirts to training, I knew I needed something normal to wear. Their performance shirts are amazing. These (not an affiliated link) are the closest I found to the ones I’m using. They’re slimming and doesn’t make me feel gross after a workout.

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What’s your favorite workout wear?

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