Favorite Music of 2018

Favorite Music of 2018

This year brought a whole lot of new music. I feel like big musicians took out music this year. This year I delved into music so much because it was my escape. What better way to feel things than with a good lyric. There was a lot of good music this year that I will listen to for years to come. Here’s my favorite music of 2018.

Hillsong Worship – There is More

Going to church at Hillsong means you listen to majority of the new music before it’s released. I don’t know if that’s what made There is More, more special but I actually love this album. I feel like throughout the year different songs have spoken to me right when I needed them. It’s definitely a more raw, honest album from Hillsong and I love it. 

Favorite Songs: “Remembrance,” “New Wine,” “Touch of Heaven,” and “Seasons”

Hillsong Young & Free – III (Live)

Hillsong Young & Free released a studio album and a live album this year, but the live version takes the cake. I feel like you feel a deeper connection hearing it live. From the intro to the end, it gives me the chills. It might not be as hype as their last album, but the lyrics are much deeper this time around.

Favorite Songs: “Let Go,” “Wake,” “First Love,” “Push/Pull,” and “Highs & Lows”

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

Okay yes, I know this album did not come out this year. And yes, I know they do have a new album. But this album has been on repeat for me this year. This album is good for every possible mood. It further cemented my love for this band. And side note, the new album is good too.

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Favorite Songs: “Somebody Else,” “The 1975,” and “Love Me”

Un Corazon – Hola, Futuro

Y’all Un Corazon absolutely killed it with this album. I’ve been a casual listener of them but when I heard this album, I was blown away. They’re definitely a creative force and you can hear the growth in their music. One of my favorite albums for sure.

Favorite Songs: “Eres,” “Yo Ire,” “Hola, Futuro,” “Nadie Mas,” and “Ya No Tengo Corazon”

Bonus Mentions

A lot of my favorite bands released stuff this year. I have to mention Arctic Monkeys because although the new album was not my favorite, it was still solid. Same with Lany. One of my favorite bands and Malibu Nights was great but not my favorite.

What was your favorite music this year?

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