Favorite Movies & TV Shows of 2018

Favorite Movies & TV Shows of 2018

Let me just preface and say that this will be more movies than TV shows because I suck at starting new TV shows. Also, I mostly just watched things on Netflix. Even though I started using Hulu too, but I used it to rewatch The OC. Anyway, here’s my favorite movies & TV shows of 2018. There are new things that I loved this year so let’s talk about them.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Is this one surprising at all? Yes, I liked it. It was cute as heck. I watched it multiple times. Even bought the book. It was just an overall super cute feel good movie and I’m not ashamed. Side notes: Lana Condor’s hair in the movie is magical and perfectly straight and Noah Centineo is just something else on the internet. Anyway, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a cute movie, please watch it.

Narcos: Mexico

I never watched the original Narcos but when I saw that the new installment would be in Mexico and with Diego Luna, I was in. I’m not a super graphic show watcher but I let it slide with this show because I was interested in the story (inspired by the true story that happened in the 80s). It was a thrill and I hope they continue the story.

The Princess Switch

Back on that cutesy vibe, The Princess Switch was cute. Don’t watch it expecting an Oscar movie. Watch it for what it is: a perfect cheesy Christmas movie. It’s not perfect but it’s cute and makes me feel warm inside. I will rewatch for the rest of the year.

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Set It Up

Apparently I only watched Netflix romance original movies. Set It Up needs more attention. It’s more of a traditional rom-com for more of an older crowd. It’s cute and still has a bit of a twist that makes it interesting.

What were your favorite movies and TV shows this year?

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