Favorite Binge Worthy Shows

Ever since I got Netflix, life has been different. There’s a whole new world that opened up and I feel like I can watch anything now. Honestly, how did I used to watch things before? I am so confused. There’s a lot of shows I discovered (and rediscovered) so let me share some that I think you should check out!

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The only Netflix original show I will mention. I heard such good things about this show but didn’t watch it until recently. GUYS, this show is hilarious! Kimmy Schmidt was essentially in a cult and hidden away but once she’s rescued, she’s trying to figure out her life in New York City. There’s so many crazy characters and awkward moments, it’s an overall fun show! Plus, the theme song will be stuck in your head forever.


I used to love watching House but this is the first time I have actually watched it in order. I feel smart watching it. Honestly, although I originally watched it because cracking the cases was entertaining, watching it all in order is pretty interesting and seeing how the recurring characters have lives and how that affects everything. Pretty interesting.

The Office

I mean, if you haven’t binge watched The Office by now, what are you waiting for? I’ve probably rewatched this show like 5 times. THE WHOLE SHOW. It’s hilarious and I’m so glad Netflix has it all. So go watch it. If you’ve watched it already, watch it again.

One Tree Hill

If you need some fun drama in your life, One Tree Hill is it. I lowkey wish The O.C. was on Netflix, but OTH does the trick. From the crazy plotlines to the sweet moments, OTH transitions from their high school life to adulthood, which is nice because it doesn’t feel like a teeny bopper show. This show is a glorious hot mess and you will enjoy fetus Chad Michael Murray.

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What’s your favorite show that you have to binge watch? What have you recently discovered?

14 thoughts on “Favorite Binge Worthy Shows

  • I’ve never watched any of these. I tend to watch darker shows so the only things I’ve binged on lately have been Banshee and The Following (even though it was cancelled).

  • I could watch House all day, every day! My entire family is stuck on the Chicago series on NBC. Started with Chicago Fire, then added Chicago PD. It was originally tied with in with Law & Order, but I heard a rumor that they are bringing a Chicago Law show into the mix, so I’m very excited.

  • I love Netflix. I’m always finding older shows that I want to watch. I’ve never watched House, so maybe I should give that a try. I LOVED the Office.

  • I LOVE season one of Kimmy S but I could not really get into the second season. I have no clue why!? && I love the Office!

  • I LOVE House. I was actually just debating on re-watching it all 🙂 when I first started watching it, I was absolutely convinced I wanted to go to med school. But then I remembered how much I hate needles and blood and all that haha I’m also a huge fan of The Office! My husband and I binge watch it all the time.

  • I was just talking to a friend about One Tree Hill. When it was actually on TV and they were making new episodes, it was too “adult” for me. I watched like half of the first season and gave up. But my friend said that she has been watching it on Netflix and that the first season is the most “scandelous” and after that, it calms down.
    Also, Kimmy Schmidt is SOOOOOO funny. I seriously sing the theme song for DAYS after watching!

  • Grey’s Anatomy is my guilty pleasure and I could binge watch is all the time! We also binge watch The Office or Parks & Rec when we need a laugh!

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