Favorite Apps and Tech Essentials + Giveaway

Favorite Apps and Tech Essentials + Giveaway

I received a case from Case App for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I love my phone but it’s not the machine that’s so great, but what’s in it. From shuffling between apps and always being at Disneyland, I have to be smart with what I use and how I use it and what I use to keep it alive. So let me share some of my favorite apps and tech things and you will have a chance to win a custom case from Case App at the end!



Such an obvious choice but hear me out. I recently bought filters and I actually started playing around with the settings. More of the back-end things like changing the temperature, adding contrast, or simply a tint can make such a big difference than simple slapping on a filter. I know there’s so many apps but this is the absolute best when you play around with it. I’ve gone and reedited old photos with all my new techniques. I am so behind.

Level Money

So I have a horrible spending habit. Let’s be real, I try to limit myself but then I see something awesome or food and I just spend without a second thought. Level Money is a cool app I found that analyzes your bank account and credit cards and tells you how much to spend per day so you don’t go overboard! It’s a really great app because I can’t quit spending, but at least it helps me limit myself by giving me boundaries. If you’re looking and limiting your finances, try it out!

iHome Portable Power Bank

I use my phone often, obvious. I am the kind of person that panics when my phone is at 30%. I give props to the people who can let their phone go all the way down to zero. The iHome Power Bank is probably the only external charger I’ve used that has had a long life and can charge my phone fast. I remember getting it at Marshall’s and thinking it will be a quick fix, but it has worked better than the over things I have used and it’s small so it’s easy to take anywhere.

Custom Case from Case App

I suck at buying case because I have commitment issues and I’m not the kind of person that switches them out often. I got a case from Case App and I absolutely love it! You can go on there and customize cases but I got one of their premade designs. At first it may seem a bit flimsy but I’ve dropped it already on concrete and everything was fine. It’s a snap on case so I feel like my phone is protected.

Want to win your own case? Case App was kind enough to offer one to giveaway! All you have to do is enter below! You will win a case which you can customize or use a premade template. It’s all up to you! If you don’t want to enter the giveaway, you can also use “ADRIANARENEE20” and get 20% off on your order!

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What are your favorite apps or tech things? Let me know! Also, good luck to those who entered the giveaway!