Family, Tradition, and Food

Family, Tradition, and Food



Coming from a Mexican family, a lot of our traditions circle around food. Some of the best memories have happened around the dinner table. There’s nothing like family, tradition, and food.

One of my families favorite ingredients is La Lechera. When I say this goes on anything, I mean it! La Lechera is super easy to add in to any dish. It’s also super affordable. I get mine at Walmart and you can usually find a can in the baking isle. 

Family, Tradition, and Food

There are a lot of things you can make with La Lechera! My family actually always keeps a can at the table because we can use it anyway. It’s one of those things that we have to have now. So there are a ton of recipes that just remind me of home.

One of my go to is so simple you can probably make it right now. My family loved going out so whether we were at the park or the beach, my mom would make us La Lechera sandwiches which is just bread drizzled (or drenched for me) with La Lechera. It’s such a delicious treat and it makes me think of home and all the memories we have in a car full of kids eating as we remembered our day.

But one of our absolute favorites is arroz con leche. The way my momma makes it is super easy to follow! You just need La Lechera, rice, piloncillo, and cinnamon. 

Family, Tradition, and Food Family, Tradition, and FoodFamily, Tradition, and Food

You simply put some water in a pot and put in the piloncillo with some cinnamon. Put in the rice and let it all mix together. Finally, you add La Lechera and let it cook and serve when done!

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Especially with the holidays coming up, my family loves arroz con leche because it’s such a yummy dessert and we can have it anytime! I love that I know this is one dessert that will always remind me of home.

Check out La Lechera and let me know what type of traditions your family has!

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