Fall Makeup Look

Fall Makeup Look

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Let me start off by saying that I am not a beauty guru. I love makeup because it’s fun. Now that fall is in full swing I’m changing up my routine a bit! I’m going to share my go to fall makeup look. Is it going to be the best look ever? Probably not but you’ll enjoy my try.

Simple Orange-y Look

Usually I stick with mostly cool colors. It’s what I know. I’m a big fan of simple makeup look. Partly because I’m scared to get out of the box so I just want to keep it easy. For some reason, I’ve been loving more red-ish, orange-y tones lately. Since fall is here, I am pushing out of my comfort zone and trying these shades out. Here’s what I’ve been using:




My technique (or lack thereof) is pretty simple. I don’t do any crazy stuff like baking or contouring. I just go where I assume things go. Check out my video below so see the tutorial! 

What is your go to makeup look/favorite makeup items?