Fall Essentials + Wish List

Fall Essentials + Wish List

The leaves are starting to turn brown and pumpkin spice lattes are coming. Get ready for the best season with these fall essentials + wish list.

Considering that I live in California where it’s hot 90% of the time, It’s ridiculous that I’m a fall person. There’s nothing I love more than the cinnamon scent in the air, hot chocolate, and dramatically looking out the window at the leaves falling. I will honestly still wear a sweater if it’s 90 degrees outside. The last half of the year is always the best.

I’ve been full on fall/winter shopping since the middle of summer, to be honest. I may or may not have already worn some of the clothes I got. I just love this time so much! I feel like this is the time where you can see my personal style a lot more, so I’m excited. Here’s what my fall essentials are and my wish list.

Heeled Booties

I’m a boots lover. I have more boots than any other type of shoe. I usually stock up on boots every season because I wear them a lot. I usually wear low heeled boots since I wear them everyday on my day to day. But recently, I bought these heeled Chelsea boots from Asos and I fell in love. They’re actually really comfy and they can easily be worn with every outfit. For a short girl like me, heels are always good so I’m definitely going to be stocking up on more heeled booties and even try to get some fun colors or embroidered ones.

Capri Pants

Okay, where have capri pants been all my life? I’m obsessed. Like I mentioned, I’m kind of short so capris don’t necessarily look like capris, they look like ankle pants but I’m okay with it. Cotton On has amazing capri jeggings which have been my go to. I like that they don’t bunch up at the bottom, especially when wearing boots. It looks so much cleaner. I am on the lookout for some ripped ones, so someone let me know where to buy some!

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Lightweight Longline jackets

I’ve pretty much have lived in my denim longline jacket. It’s honestly my favorite thing I own. If you look through my Instagram, you all see that I wear it a lot. Although I’m not letting it go, I do want to polish up my wardrobe and add some longline jackets that are sleek and a bit more dressed up. I love longline anything. I feel like it’s comfier for me and adds an extra touch to an outfit instead of just wearing a regular jacket.

What are some of your fall essentials?

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