Everyone Can, But Not You

Everyone Can, But Not You

Everyone wants to be something. But sadly, now most people want to take shortcuts to get to the top. Not to mention that society tells us to keep pushing limits to get what we want. The notion of limiting ourselves is scary because we are naturally selfish people.

Many years ago I heard a message from a pastor saying, “Todos pueden, tu no, tu me pediste algo mas” translated to, “Everyone can but not you. You asked for more.” At first glance this makes no sense really, so let me explain. There are times we ask God to take us to a new level. Either a bigger dream, blessing, anything more from Him. The thing is sometimes we ask for more but we don’t put in the extra work. Think about athletes. They do their practice but they don’t just end there. They change their diets, they change daily habits and push harder because they know it’s going to get them to more.

Everyone Can, But Not You

As Christians, we usually stay away from the things that are wrong because we feel like that’s enough. We don’t cuss, we don’t do crazy things, and we try to love others. But wanting God to takes us to a new level requires sacrifice. But what if God wants us to sacrifice more, even the things we don’t think are “bad”?

We want to reach new levels with God but try to obtain it by doing the same things. No one grows without sacrificing more. We want all God can give but don’t want to put in the work. It’s about analyzing what you want your own spiritual life to be.

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No matter what, you shouldn’t compare your spiritual life to other people’s. But this goes deeper into seeing how people are growing. Just because everyone is doing it one way, doesn’t mean that’s how God wants you to grow.

Everyday I’m reminded that I need to step back and see what God wants from me. A lot of the times I know that I want more but go back to the bare minimum. But it’s time to actually give my relationship with God actual attention and sacrifice.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. | proverbs 4:23

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