Eat Well, Be Well with S.Pellegrino

Eat Well, Be Well with S.Pellegrino

Eating out can get hard when you’re trying to be healthy. There’s a lot of easy options that aren’t necessarily good for you. It can get really hard when you are just really hungry and going out to eat is one of your only options. Who knew it would be this complicated?

If you’re ever stuck, S.Pellegrino has a taste guide to help you find the best foods around the U.S. The taste guide looks at trending food trends and finds the best and puts them all together for easy picking. Seriously if you’re a foodie, the taste guide is the best hub of all things delicious. Current trends include healthy spots and Asian twists and thankfully I found a good pick that combines both.

Eat Well, Be Well with S.Pellegrino

One of my favorite spots in California (there’s some locations in parts of Arizona), there’s a small restaurant called Waba Grill. It’s a super affordable place and it gives a twist to Asian foods we all know and love. You honestly get two things in one and it’s great.

Eat Well, Be Well with S.Pellegrino Eat Well, Be Well with S.Pellegrino

There are all types of bowls and even some plates you can choose from. They are really specific with their calorie count so you always know what you’re getting. If you’re looking for an Asian infusion, there is plenty to choose from.

With my mineral water in hand, I tend to go for the full-on veggie bowl which contains rice, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. If I ever want to change it up, I would add some chicken. The veggie bowls are so filling that I always have to pack it up and save for later in the day. You won’t feel guilty eating some of their bowls so it is a favorite when I need something quick and affordable.

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Check out S. Pellegrino’s taste guide and explore cuisines!

What is your favorite healthy eatery?

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