Easy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Easy Bedroom Decor Ideas

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I am the least creative person when it comes to decorating. I love pinning pretty living spaces on Pinterest, but I never could recreate it on my own. However, now that I switched up my living space, I decided to try decorating and found some very simple ways to make a room look great. It was hard making ideas come to life honestly, but it worked out. Here are some things that helped turn my room around.


I wanted a headboard then realized how expensive they were. Seriously, woah. I painted my whole room white and my bed was a simple one from Ikea, so I knew I needed something above it to fill space. There are a lot of alternatives to filling empty space from artwork to lights but I got a flag tapestry from Urban Outfitters. The flag was actually really big, enough to fill a wall. So I put it sideways and made it a faux headboard. One, this is great because this wall no longer needs more decor and two, it looks really cool! Simple fix, great look.

Shelving As Decor

This became my favorite thing because it works two purposes. You can store things but it can also look really cute! I don’t mean getting an actual piece of furniture, I mean small shelves that can be placed anywhere. Something I enjoy is mixing decor shelves with the shelves I’m using to store things. For example, my sister had this cool idea for one of her walls where she mixed shelves with cool vases and candles and weaved in some holding her things. Overall, it ends up looking like decor, even though they’re in use.

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Flowers Everywhere

Flowers are pretty, we can all agree. I’m also a lover of fresh flowers, but having them in my room wasn’t going to happen because it would take a lot of money. So the new issue was how to make artificial flowers look good. Yes, you can put them in a vase, but I wanted to make sure they stood out. I can’t DIY things so I had help, but instead of just having them in a corner, I decided to incorporate it as wall decor. Just some string and a bottle on a wall. Boom. Looks great.

The Little Things

Candles are life, am I right? I’m sure this isn’t anything new, but candles can add more detail to a room and it smells nice! I have a ton of books and Disney items and I was going to just put them in my closet, but I got some of my favorite and cutest ones and ended up putting them on a shelf on a big piece of furniture I have. It’s high up that it’s not in your face, but it adds really fun elements to the room.


What are simple ways you decorate? Are you good at it or are you design impaired like me?

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