Do Not Awaken Love

Do Not Awaken Love

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. | Song of Solomon 8:4

I remember years ago sitting at a youth service and first hearing this verse. Of course, it was around Valentine’s Day and the message was all about waiting on God and lovey-dovey things. It’s a good verse and a great reminder to not force something. But this is something we so easily forget. Do not awaken love seems easy but it’s tough.

Do Not Awaken Love

I’m a girl and I love love. Rom-Coms are my thing. I love Christmas movies because they’re so cheesy and so cute. As I get older and I see more friends getting married and such, it gets tough not going to lie. I went to a college where “ring by spring” was a thing and so many people I knew got married quickly. Things like this make it important to remember Song of Solomon 8:4. It seems simple to find someone and date them and if they’re good enough, just settle down. But I feel like people often force love and it ends up getting messy.

I love that this is a real verse in the Bible. The fact that God has something to say about our love lives is great. It all comes down to not forcing things to happen that are not in God’s time. When it comes to sharing your life with someone, it can be harder when it’s not God’s plan because it will hurt deeply. It is so easy to get impatient when we see other people living out their lives and happily ever after.

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Waiting for something is never easy. But acting on our own behalf instead of leaving God to do His thing will make things more complicated. This verse is honestly great advice and just a reminder that all things come at the right time. Do not awaken love until it so desires. It’s hard but will be worth it.

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