Disneyland Challenge for Passholders

Being a passholder means you spend a lot of time at the park. Sometimes it feels like you’ve seen everything. Other times you settle into a routine of doing the same thing. I’ve talked about my Disney Bucket List before but this will be a bit different. This is more of a way to get passholders to try new things at the parks. It can be so easy to stick with what you know but there’s so much always going on. So here’s the Disneyland challenge for passholders to just try new things and see the parks in new ways.

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Disneyland Challenge for Passholders

  • Eat at every restaurant – This can get a bit pricey. But you have a whole year to try every place. As long as you try something new, you should be good.
  • Dining Events – There’s a lot to choose from. My favorite is the World of Color Dessert Party which gives you exclusive seating and desserts as you watch the show. But there’s character dining and packages that give you special seats at Fantasmic and the Frozen show. It can be a fun way to get a meal and do something fun. Check them out here.
  • Do the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour – This is on my list of things to do. You get to walk around Disneyland learning about Walt and hearing some facts about the park. They also provide a Jolly Holiday lunch. Here’s more info.
  • People watch – Since having a pass means you can go more than once in a year it’s easy to take one day to relax. Sit at the porch on Main Street or a shady bench and just watch the people pass by.
  • Do nice things for other guests – If it means giving someone your spot in a parade or simply letting a family go first in line, some people plan their lives around a trip. Be nice to guests who can’t make it often. We can go at any time and can do things multiple times so just be courteous of others.
  • Try to go on as many rides without a FastPass – See how many rides you can do in one day. Start with the bigger ones and work your way around the park.
  • Hang out at Downtown Disney – There have been so many things popping up at Downtown Disney. Form food to entertainment, it seems easy enough to spend a few hours exploring here.
  • Do everything in just one land – Stick to one land and do everything it has to offer. Eat food in the land, go on the rides, and see any kind of entertainment it can offer.
  • Do a full day with a plan – It’s easy to just wing it when you have a pass since we have the ability to do things the next time. So do a day where you plan everything out and see how you stick with it.
  • Spend a day meeting characters – Regardless of how old you are meeting characters is fun. You can see the immersive aspect of the parks by having interactions.
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What’s one thing you would do if you had a pass?

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