Disney Foods I've Never Tried

Disney Foods I’ve Never Tried

There’s a lot of things I love. One of those things is Disney foods. I feel like the food at Disneyland has become as iconic as the park. But, although I go all the time, there’s still a lot of foods I haven’t tried. Shocking right? See I’m not that adventurous with food because I usually have a routine that I follow at the parks. I usually get a coffee or hot chocolate and a cookie and I’m on my way. Like, I barely had my first churro a few months ago and the pomme frites last month. It’s crazy that I’m missing out in so much. So here are Disney foods I’ve never tried!

Disney Foods I've Never TriedDole Whip

Everyone, I mean everyone, gets shocked that I’ve never had a Dole Whip. The line is always so long and I’m not a big fan of pineapple. But I promise I will do this soon. When I have patience and need something sweet. Probably at the top of my list.

Anything at Cove Bar

Same as the Dole Whip, Cove Bar has such a long line and I just never have the time to stop by! I have no idea what lobster nachos taste like. I really want a pretty drink to Instagram. What have I been doing this whole time! But it’s now been rethemed so I really need to stop by.


I always hear so much about beignets but I never go out of my way to get them. They even have season flavors! This post is making me sad and I need to go eat more things at Disney. I need to go try this sweet soon.

Mint Julep

Basically, I don’t venture out to the Adventureland/New Orleans Square part of Disneyland as much as I should. Mint Julep’s look so colorful and refreshing. It seems like a classic Disney drink and yet I haven’t had it yet.

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Bonus: Club 33

Adding for the LOLs. Seriously if anyone wants to get me in, I wouldn’t be against it.


This list is making me rethink my food choices. I need a trip to just eat my way through the parks. What foods have you tried at Disney? If you haven’t gone, what is something you want to try?

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