Disney Bucket List III

Disney Bucket List III

So fun fact, I was not going to renew my Disneyland pass this year. Everyone I told was pretty much shocked. Disney is life, you know? It came down to the wire and I was set not renewing and then I found myself at a ticket booth signing a contract for another year. Since there’s still some reluctance from me, I decided that I have to make this year worth it. Since I kind of gave up on my second bucket list, there are a few things that rolled over but obviously tons of new things as well. I’m keeping it a bit shorter so I’m not overwhelmed with options. Fingers crossed that this will be a fun filled year (and a lot more Disney content).

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Disney Bucket List Part III

  • Ride the Lily Belle (Or at least just get on it): I had this on my last list and forgot about it, but now that the trains are running I definitely want to try to check it out!
  • Give out more guest compliments: Shout out to Disneyland for making it easy to tweet out guest compliments. CMs have to deal with a lot of people so I want to compliment those good ones.
  • Take a VIP tour: Walk in Walt’s Footsteps is a tour that takes you around the park and tells you the history as Walt saw it. It has cool perks and doesn’t cost a million dollars so I want to do it.
  • Eat my way through a land: Each land has special treats and foods. I tend to jump around but I want to try every food option one land offers.
  • Find places for pictures: I talked about my favorite places that aren’t the castle, but I want to find more places because Disneyland has some pretty cool looking views everywhere.
  • Watch the Candlelight Processional: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, especially at the parks. The Candlelight Processional happens every year and I want to at least get a glimpse of it.
  • Explore each land thoroughly: Same with the food, I jump around lands. I want to take on one land and fully explore all the rides, shops, and little things it has to offer.
  • Get an autograph from each character: I never had an autograph book, so I guess it’s not too late to start now. I want to get a signature from every character that’s currently at the parks.
  • Collect something you can only get at the parks: I know pins are the main thing and I love pins but they can get real pricey. I know there’s coin pressing and there’s actually a guide for that so I want to try that out.
  • Ride all the mountains in one day: The mountains are the most popular rides in the park so it’s going to take a lot of planning and fastpasses to get it done. Also, I’m including Matterhorn.
  • Actually, learn the history from the park: I know a good amount of history but there are tons more I don’t know. There’s also a lot of cast members who have been there for years so I want to ask and learn.
  • Do a special event or dining event: There’s a lot of special things that go on in the parks if you follow closely. From AP events to dessert parties, I want to try them out.
  • Sit on the porch on Main Street: What better way to just chill than sitting and people watching in one of the busiest, yet classic, part of the park.
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What’s something you would do in any Disney park?

5 thoughts on “Disney Bucket List III

  • Ambitious! But I guess if you have a whole year then you should be good. If this is for Disney World then I highly recommend that the park you explore all the food from is Epcot – so many worldly cuisines!!! That’s what I would pick at least. And as far as a park to explore every nook & cranny: Animal Kingdom! It’s so magical & informational.
    Good luck!

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