Discover the New Way to Renew Your Contacts Prescription

Discover the New Way to Renew Your Contacts Prescription
This post is sponsored by 1-800 Contacts but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I started wearing contacts about two years ago. For me it was a game changer. I don’t know how I went this long without trying them! I’m farsighted and I have astigmatism so I thought it wasn’t possible. But now I use contacts often. So get ready to discover the new way to renew your contacts prescription.

Life for me gets really busy. From commuting to my full-time job, freelancing, working out, and trying to keep up my social life, days are long and busy. Getting an eye appointment with the eye doctor is tough because most are only available during my work hours. 1-800 Contacts is making getting an updated prescription and buying contacts easier!

1-800 Contacts ExpressExam

In general, I’m trying to stay on top of my health and make sure I am taking care of myself. My eyes are super important so I want to make sure my prescription is accurate. The 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam is a lifesaver when you’re in a crunch. The vision exam is super easy to do. It will guide you and explain what to do so you can do it right at home. It doesn’t take too long to go through and they verify your prescription in case you’re nervous about it.

The Easier, The Better

Time is fleeting. Usually when I get home from work, I quickly get myself together to head to the gym. With 1-800 Contacts, I don’t have to think of stopping my day to go out and deal with an appointment or long process to order contacts. Through the app, I just select contacts and go. There’s also a super handy tool that reminds you when you’re low and they also offer subscription services. I put my order in and went about my day and it arrived at my doorstep the next day! As someone who just likes receiving packages, it makes it funner. Now I have contacts to last me for a while and it didn’t take long!

Do you wear contacts? Don’t forget to try out 1-800 Contacts and see how it works for you!