Different Ways to Give Back

Different Ways to Give Back

Giving back is seriously one of the best feelings. I’ve talked about shops that give back but now I’ll be showing different ways to give back. I’ll be sharing some organizations you can donate to. It is never too hard to give back and it’s something always needed. There’s a lot of good organizations and ways to give to others, so here are some different ways to give back.

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Did you know there are people around the world who still don’t have access to clean water? Generosity’s mission is to build wells for places with no easy access to clean water. They always keep you up-to-date with your donation, so it’s fun to see how the process is going. Plus, you can give any amount and can also create your own fundraisers to raise money. Learn more about them here.

The Kind Campaign

This is such a great organization because I think it’s very important. The Kind Campaign wants to unite girls and end bullying. They go around and put on assemblies and work with communities to create a better environment. Learn more about them here.

Love Does

If you want to sponsor a child, this is my favorite organization! Love Does serves 5 different countries and give kids access to education and care. They always strive to be transparent with how donations work, so you can always ask! If you don’t want to do a monthly commitment, there’s a chance to do single donations. Learn more about them here.

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The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation

This organization stems from one of my favorite bloggers with such an inspirational story. Lauren Scruggs Kennedy suffered a tragic accident which made her lose her arm. The foundation seeks to give people silicone prosthetic coverings that look real. Donations go to the fund the costs. Learn more about them here.


I got the idea for this after I saw a lot of friends posting about funeral expenses and tragic situations. Take a moment and actually donate even if you don’t know them personally. There’s a lot of new campaigns going up with people needing help due to unforeseen situations. GoFundMe also has an option to see what’s going on locally so you can donate to people around you.


What are some organizations or ways you give back?

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