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California is weird. We really don’t have harsh winters but this year it’s been raining often. Which is good considering there’s a drought still going on. But I felt like I didn’t adequately prepare for the temperature drops. Plus, so many stores are starting to switch to spring, which isn’t helping stay warm. So I did the only thing I could do and basically layered on everything I own.

Denim in Winter

Longline Denim Jacket: Similar | Beanie: Similar | Glasses: Forever 21 | Pullover: Similar | Necklace: The Giving Keys | Knee High Boots: Forever 21

I’m currently obsessed with my longline denim jacket, even though I know I have warmer options. But this has been my coolest purchase in a while and I never take it off. To make it work, I actually wore my Hillsong Young & Free band shirt and their spirit jersey because they’re cool and also oversized so they’re so comfy. I’ve been wearing my Giving Keys necklace nonstop because it’s a great conversation starter and I can mention that I got it for donating to one of my favorite charities. I finally found knee high boots that fit my shortness and surprisingly fit well with jeans, so I was happy.

Denim in Winter

I made it work for the most part. I’m sure other places with real winter would never choose a denim jacket as their source of warmth, but I had to improvise. Never thought I’d be wishing for warmer weather to come. It also didn’t help that I spent most of January sick. I’m bummed that I couldn’t enjoy the cold more, California is basically warm most of the year and I just wanted a small chance to wear fuzzy socks and cozy up in bed.


How’s the weather where you’re at? What’s your favorite way to stay warm?

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  • That outfit is so cute and I love that it is so simple and effortless while still being stylish.

  • Oh, I wish I could wear a denim jacket for warmth. Little too cold around here for that 🙂 Love this outfit!