Creative Because of My Creator

I’ve been in sort of funk lately. I blame it on being tired all the time but I’ve slowly come to realize that I just don’t know what to write. I could also blame it on writer’s block, but it’s not, it’s more of not feeling like my words make sense or are entertaining enough. I don’t feel creative. It’s always been my struggle because I never felt creative and felt that writing didn’t stack up with those who draw, play instruments, and do something that I felt was truly artistic.

I always felt that God forgot to give me something to do when He was creating me. It’s insane because the Bible tells all about God as a creator from beginning to end. He created us and there’s nothing in this world that can compete with that kind of creativity. I mean, think of all the detail it goes into creating a planet, humans, and animals. But still, here I was just feeling like there is nothing I could do.

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I’ve always liked words. Writing is something that I could always easily do and I enjoyed doing. But it was always weird to say that was my talent when someone is talking their long practices or awards won. It’s like I got the short stick of talents. It’s still so hard to embrace but God gave me writing for a reason. This blog is a strange platform and although many people think it’s a hobby, for a moment, the words I string together will be read by someone and just maybe, it can make a difference.

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I was always traumatized, in a good way, by 1 Timothy 4:14, which says, “Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.” I always felt that I would wake up and have even less talent than before and live an even less colorful life. But words, my words, and my writing, they are what I can get creative with.

One of my favorite quotes by Erwin Mcmanus is, “To create is to reflect the image of God. To create is an act of worship.” I could just sit and mope and wish I could be a talented pianist, but that would be a dishonor to God. Not many have the patience to write or find it a bore, but I know that I can use this to further the plans God has for me.

This post is for me, but it can also be for you. Your talent can be unconventional but it doesn’t make it any less amazing. There are times where you’re just going to feel down and just hit a wall but your talent means something. I still need to grow in my talent, but I know that God gave it for my reason and I need to keep making things because  I am creative because of my creator.

9 thoughts on “Creative Because of My Creator

  • It reminds me of my life couple years ago when I was so focus on my talents. I tried to do this and that with my talents, and ended up confused. I couldn’t agree more with Erwin McManus quote you mentioned above. It should reflect the image of God. It is an act of worship. We should look up to Him first and ask what he wants us to do with what we have.

  • I’m feeling this right now too Adriana. Thank you for sharing. I think what I’ve come to realize, is that the more time I spend in the Word and reading creative, inspirational books, the more creative and inspired I become. My inspiration comes from Him. When I get really busy at work or focused on worldly things, my inspiration fades. Just some thoughts I’ve had lately!

  • So, so beautiful. I feel like this every so often, and it’s always so refreshing to hear (read) someone else share a similar story in such a pure, honest, and godly way. Thank you for this.


  • I can definitely relate to this right now! Talking about God as a creator is one of my favorite topics – and knowing that our gifts come from His creativity is so powerful. Our creativity is not conventional – it’s part of something greater. It’s God-given. Thanks for the inspiration today. And I hope we can both work through creativity blocks and find our true vision when our inspiration or motivation fades. Have a beautiful weekend, friend!

  • I love love this! I feel the same way, I don’t have talent that is on stage. But I know God has given the gift of words. Words to write, words to speak and heal. So ever since he revealed that to me I embrace it by speaking life and writing (thats why I opened the blog). I can think of you being creative in many more ways than in writing, and I’ve only met you once.

    Xoxo, Gema

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