Gift Guide for the Commuter + Traveler

Gift Guide for the Commuter + Traveler

I received a phone case from CaseApp, but are opinions are my own.

As someone who spends far too much time on the road, what I pack determines how my ride will be. If I forget my iPad, I know I’m in for a boring ride. Sometimes I forget little things like my portable charger. For people always on the go, what you carry with you can help you out in many ways.

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Bookstore Gift Card

I get most of my reading done on the road and I know others do to. A bookstore gift card is perfect because they can pick and choose what they want to read and how. Some still like print, while others go towards an eBook. I’ve seen a whole lot of people switch to audiobooks. No matter how much you want to pass on your favorite book, a gift card is a safer way to make sure they get something they’ll enjoy.

Good Headphones

I’ve been on trains, planes, cars, and there’s nothing more annoying than hearing other conversations, traffic, and other noises that can be tuned out. Yes, the iPhone headphones that come with the phone do a decent job, but there are a million amazing (and affordable) headphones. From noise canceling to even ones with fun designs, these would make a great gift for someone who just wants to take a break in public.


The only thing about traveling that I enjoy is that you’re forced to deal with your thoughts. Journals are perfect for those who just need to spill their thoughts on paper. Or just doodle or make lists. Not to mention, there’s cute journals and even leather-bounded ones for a more clean look. Journals can be versatile and make a great gift.

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Emergency Kit

If you’re a DIYer, this will be a fun gift to put together. An emergency kit can mean anything. For a first aid kit to snacks. Commuting can be unexpected. You can be in the middle of a long road trip and want water or you randomly get a cut. A kit can contain anything that you think is essential for a traveler. Like who thinks of bringing a pack of gum with them? It can be important to have it. Make a kit that will be helpful.

Phone Case

I’m a paranoid person, especially when it comes to my phone. What if someone steals it? What if I drop it and it shatters? Having a case on your phone is even more important when you’re out and about. I had a case from CaseApp and absolutely loved it and I finally got one for my new iPhone. They’re strong and lightweight. Trust me, I’m clumsy and this keeps my phone safe!

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What do you think are perfect gifts for commuters and travelers?

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