Christmas Presents for Under $25

Christmas Presents Under $25

It’s always tough trying to be ballin’ on a budget. But here we are. I love Christmas and making sure everyone feels special during this time of year. Presents can start adding up kick. So here’s my tips to get Christmas presents under $25! It’s not a guide per se, but a way to keep shopping to a minimum without spending too much. The holidays can still be great when we remember the real meaning behind it and don’t overspend.

No Shame in Gift Sections

From Etsy to Cotton On, many stores have gift sections usually with things under $25. I feel like people shy away from these since they’re not the fanciest gifts. But here’s the thing, if you have to break budget to get someone a nice gift or they’ll be upset, are they really someone who cares for you? You can make a cute care package with things you can find in these sections. It’s easy to make it work.

And Gift Cards are Okay Too

As I’m getting older, I prefer people giving me gift cards. I’ve never been mad receiving a $10 gift card to Starbucks. Gift cards reduce the pressure and you can add to it what you can afford. Plus, the person can do what they want with it instead of receiving a cheap gag gift that won’t be used.

Make it Heartfelt

Christmas is all about family and being grateful. Not to mention, it’s remembering the birth of Jesus. With the small gifts I’m giving, I’m giving heartfelt letters to the people I care about. At the end of the day, the thought should matter more than the amount. If something is heartfelt, the dollar amount won’t matter.

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Do you find Christmas shopping stressful? How do you stay on budget?

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