Sun and Surfing | US Open

Although I can’t swim, the beach is one of my favorite places ever. Something cool that happens here in California is the US Open of Surfing! This is seriously the epitome of summer. The first time I went was a few years ago when Hot Hot Heat and Weezer were playing. (Sadly they don’t do more »

Must Have Travel Essentials

Must Have Travel Essentials

Planning a trip is both exciting and stressful. Theirs itineraries to check out, extra arrangements to make while you’re gone, and nothing gets more chaotic than planning what you will take with you. I spend way too much time in a car headed somewhere, so I know a thing or two of what you should more »

Los Angeles + She Rises | Recap

As much as I say I don’t expect things to turn out a certain way, I definitely do. I had a whole idea of my weekend in LA and how the She Rises Conference would turn out, but none of that happened. But what’s wonderful is that it ended up turning even better than I imagined. more »