Current Fashion Picks

Current Fashion Picks

I’m currently doing a no buy month, which is fun and a bit stressing. If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a shopaholic and clothes is my weakness. So I had to step back and look at my closet and find good staple items that worked well with everything. I like how the no buy is helping me see that I don’t need mountains of clothes, just a few key items to make it all work.


I love Vans. I might actually love them more than my white Converse. Classic Vans are so great. I can wear them all the time with leggings or with a casual dress. It makes everything look a tad bit cooler. It’s obviously great to dress an outfit down but cool to pair it with the right dress. I can honestly just be sitting at home and I’ll wear them just because.

Jean Jacket

I’ve talked about my jean jacket before. It’s honestly my ultimate favorite piece ever. The one I have is longline and a bit oversized which is a cute look that I can combine with any outfit I want. But I can just throw it on with everything and it’s all good. I will honestly wear this until it falls apart on me.

Cotton On: Jeggings, Leggings, Tees, and Rompers

At first I was going to separate these BUT the whole reason I love these items are because of Cotton On and Cotton On is actually amazing. Their jeggings are comfortable as heck and so are their leggings. Their simple pocket tee is my go to top at all times. Plus, their rompers are perfectly fitting that I will wear them all summer. P.S. This is NOT sponsored by Cotton On. I just genuinely love them. Haha.

What are you current favorite items?


Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Summer is honestly one of the funnest times of the year. However, I change a lot of things from my all around beauty routine during the summer because the heat is no joke! I’ve done this for a few years now and usually for the summer I stop applying heat to my hair. Thankfully Vanity Planet is here to help me! My hair has not been at its greatest and I’ve been using heavy duty stuff to help, so I’m glad I can tone it down a bit now.

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Hair Care

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you would know that I dyed my hair a lot the last two years. My last go was completely bleaching my hair which left my hair completely brittle and damaged. That’s one of the reasons I’m nervous for my no heat summer because my hair isn’t at it’s best state. But Vanity Planet’s Remi Hair Treatment works so well for me!

What I hate about other hair masks is that you have to wet your hair first and then dry and then put the mask and then wash it again. For this treatment, I can put it on my dry hair, let it sit and was it off when I shower!

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Probably my favorite thing is this Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush. I’m low key convince that I don’t shampoo my hair properly, plus my scalp tends to flake at times. This is so soothing on the scalp! Seriously who doesn’t love massages? The one downfall is that it’s battery operated so you need to have your own batteries for this.

My favorite after-shower product has been Biolage SmoothProof serum. My hair does tend to get wild and this tames all the fly aways and it keeps my frizz down. I’m also going to be glued to Pinterest looking up simple hairdos that I can recreate. I don’t know how to style my hair super nice, so it’s going to be a challenge!


Vanity Planet has tons of items to help your beauty needs are and they have some awesome coupon codes right now!

If you want to step up your skin care, they currently have 70% off their spin brush by using the code “SpinSpring70.” Want to make sure your hair looks amazing? Use “SpringHair25” to get 25% on anything hair! For all my makeup junkies, get 70% off makeup brushes with “MakeUpSpring70.”

Your turn! What changes in your beauty routine are you making for the summer?

Spring Trends + Wishlist

Spring Trends + Wishlist

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Spring is coming and I am so excited! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they always feel so fresh and new. But spring gets me happier because I love seeing the flowers bloom and it gives me a chance to do some deep cleaning and turning over my closet to a new season. There’s a lot of things I am eyeing and trends popping up. Here’s what catches my eye.

Romper Maxi Dresses

I am 100% jumping on this trend because it’s my two favorite things combined. Usually when it starts getting warmer I gravitate more towards maxi dresses because I love the flowy feel they have. So having a romper maxi is perfect. Most don’t even look like a romper, just a cute dress so I am for sure stocking up.

So Many Caps

Dad hats are not going anywhere. I am okay with this because I love these hats. Most of my currently collection is from Disneyland though so I am looking to add some different types to my collection. One of my favorite YouTubers had a cute distressed Dodgers hat in one of her videos and I fell in love.

Bronzer Highlights

During spring and later on summer, I tend to take a really simple approach to my makeup. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many brands take out bronzer highlights, which combines bronzer with highlight so it’s the perfect combo. I love the idea of using one item that gives the hint of both and I could go without blush.

Heeled Sandals

I stand at a short 5′ 1, I always thought I was taller by two inches but I thought wrong. I’m obsessed with heeled booties because they add so much to an outfit even if it’s super casual. So for spring I am definitely getting heeled sandals because they’re really cute and I’m loving anything with heels lately.

Shop all my picks below

What are your essentials for spring?

How to Get Your Closet Ready for Spring

How to Get Your Closet Ready for Spring

With spring around the corner, it’s time to put away our winter coats and take out the fresh, easy threads. California is always in a weird weather limbo in the spring. It gets really cold in the mornings but really warm by midday. So I’m going to be sprucing up my closet and adding some new additions because it’s needed. I’m going to be sharing my favorite pieces from Uniqlo’s spring collection that I’m incorporating to my closet!

Lightwear Jeans

This is probably one of my favorite things about Uniqlo. I love jeans and I wear them until the heat is unbearable. Their spring collection offers ankle length boyfriend jeans, which are amazing! I honestly never thought about picking up a pair but I’m so glad I did. They’re roomy and really soft. Plus, they have a worn look, which has been my go to style lately. I’m usually a black skinny jean wearer, but these are so comfy that I’m incorporating them to my everyday look. They also have cute joggers in different colors, if that’s your thing!How to Get Your Closet Ready for Spring


I love a good longline top. Since spring is a lot warmer, I wanted to get something that wouldn’t be so heavy and bulky. I got this easy drape camisole top and I’m in love. I’m a bit self-conscious but when I tried on this top, it fit amazingly! The straps aren’t so thin and it’s long enough for my liking. I can easily dress it up or dress it down, so I love the versatility of it.


Layering is still good in the spring and I love good outerwear to top of an outfit. I’m seriously obsessed with anything longline so I was so happy to find this drape long jacket. It may look a bit heavy, but it is the lightest jacket ever. I can throw it on with everything, even as a last-minute addition and it looks cute and it’s a simple cover. I got it in black (I wear too much black) but they have two other colors and they’re so pretty!


How are you preparing your closet for spring? Don’t forget to check out Uniqlo and mix and match!

Quick & Comfy Travel Outfits

Quick & Comfy Travel Outfits

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If you must know, I’m a pretty lazy dresser. I’d rather be really comfy than look amazing. When it comes to traveling, I take the comfy factor extra serious. I hate the feeling of being constricted or that I have something bulky on a long trip. The thing about travel outfits is that sometimes it’s not something we would necessarily wear during our actual trip but I will be sharing some of my favorite travel pieces that are versatile. Travel smarter and a lot comfier!

Comfy Bottoms

Look, I know not everyone is on board with leggings but they really are amazing! They’re also perfect for flights. You can stretch and they’re soft enough that they low key feel like pajamas. If you’re going somewhere that you will be walking a lot, leggings are perfect for outfits! There’s many cute ones that don’t look like leggings, and jeggings are also a perfect alternative.

The Right Tops

I’m the kind of person that likes oversized shirts. Let me tell you, they’re the greatest tops I own. Pair this with leggings and I think you have the best travel outfit in the world. The right top is essential for a good travel outfit. If you wear something that needs you to keep pulling up or needs extra care, it’s just an extra worry you don’t need. Soft shirts are your go to.

If You’re Cold

I think airplanes are always too cold for me, regardless if it’s 100 degrees outside. This can go both ways. You can either bring a blanket, which is great because you can use it wherever you stay. But if that’s not your thing, a cute, oversized sweater (yes, I love oversized everything) it makes it so comfy and just makes every outfit chill but cute.

Easy Shoes

Getting through TSA is one of the most tedious things we have to do. It makes me so anxious having to take off tricky shoes and putting them back on then holding up the line. Seriously, this is one of my anxieties. I made it a point to travel with cute shoes that are easy to slip on. I actually have a comfy pair of low boots (couldn’t find them online) that are so easy to slip on, but having a good pair of sneakers does the trick too!


What does your travel style look like? Do you rather be dressed up or take a chill route?