Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry



I’m always a fan of shopping better and ethically. I want to make sure that I’m giving my money to things that are going to be worth while. I’ve talked about shops that give back but now it’s time to talk about a brand that is ethically and environmentally friendly. The new Boho by Spence collection is out and it’s what every free spirited girl wants.

It’s Impact

The collection features artisan created diamonds, which are ethical and environmentally sustainable. With each purchase, 1% goes to NGO Not for Sale to alleviate human trafficking. Plus, Spence Diamonds is committed to heal the human damage caused by mineral exploitation in central Africa. What’s also great is that Spence Diamonds is also building schools and housing for people displaced by diamond exploitation.  So you know that each purchase goes towards something important!

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry


The whole collection comes with various symbols that stand for a value or trait. I got a bangle and some earrings with a leaf that represents purity and respecting others. The necklace I got is earth and represents the elements forever changing. But there’s so many that can represent you. One of my favorites is infinity which represents how the future is bright.

Shopping for Ethically and Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Why They’re Great

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get overwhelmed buying jewelry. I usually tend to stick to what I have. The Boho by Spence collection They’re cute pieces that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. But the big thing is that you are making a difference by wearing them.

Check out the collection here! All U.S. orders have free shipping. If you’re from Canada, click here.

Let me know what’s your favorite piece!

Back to School Beauty Routine

Back to School Beauty Routine




I honestly can’t believe I’m staring another semester of grad school. School no matter what year you’re starting is always stressful. Soon the novelty of new books and planners wears off and you’re stuck with assignments and stress.

To combat the stress, I make sure to always have a set moment of me time. Having a beauty routine helps me stay focused and still feel refreshed and happy throughout the day. A big part of it is not only looking good but smelling good and thankfully Suave Body Wash is here to help. Here’s my back to school beauty routine that keep me sane while I make my way through piles of homework.

Back to School Beauty Routine

I take self-care very important so this routine is a must to keep me calm and happy. Taking a shower is the first thing I do. To keep myself refreshed and smelling good, I use Suave Body Wash in cocoa butter and shea. I took the Suave Body wash quiz and I got this one, which is perfect because I’m a fan of creamier washes. But I also love ocean breeze! They also have floral and fruity washes so make sure to take the quiz to see what you get!

Suave Body Washes are super affordable, which I love since student loans are no joke. I picked mine up at my local Walgreens and they had all the different scents, so you can choose one that fits you on any occasion.

Back to School Beauty Routine

After I’m done smelling good, next in my routine is my hair. I’ve been giving my hair a break from heat so I usually spray some beach spray to keep my waves intact and put a little but of oil to give it some shine and calm the frizz. But by not adding heat, I’ve seen such an improvement in my natural hair. 

Since I spend a lot of time rocking a top knot in the library, I make sure not to look like a complete zombie by putting some simple makeup. I usually put on some BB cream or CC cream, just to even out my skin without being too heavy. I usually put on some mascara and use a bronzer/blush quad that makes it easy to add color to my face. It’s really simple because I don’t want to look crazy at the library. It’s all about balance.

I follow this routine because it helps me feel good and put together while still dealing with school.

Don’t forget to take the quiz and make sure to check out Suave Body Wash in a store near you. After you complete the quiz, you will get cash back from Ibotta! Let me know what scent you get and what’s your back to school routine!

Fall Essentials + Wish List

Fall Essentials + Wish List

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Considering that I live in California where it’s hot 90% of the time, It’s ridiculous that I’m a fall person. There’s nothing I love more than the cinnamon scent in the air, hot chocolate, and dramatically looking out the window at the leaves falling. I will honestly still wear a sweater if it’s 90 degrees outside. The last half of the year is always the best.

I’ve been full on fall/winter shopping since the middle of summer, to be honest. I may or may not have already worn some of the clothes I got. I just love this time so much! I feel like this is the time where you can see my personal style a lot more, so I’m excited. Here’s what my fall essentials are and my wish list.

Heeled Booties

I’m a boots lover. I have more boots than any other type of shoe. I usually stock up on boots every season because I wear them a lot. I usually wear low heeled boots since I wear them everyday on my day to day. But recently, I bought these heeled Chelsea boots from Asos and I fell in love. They’re actually really comfy and they can easily be worn with every outfit. For a short girl like me, heels are always good so I’m definitely going to be stocking up on more heeled booties and even try to get some fun colors or embroidered ones.

Capri Pants

Okay, where have capri pants been all my life? I’m obsessed. Like I mentioned, I’m kind of short so capris don’t necessarily look like capris, they look like ankle pants but I’m okay with it. Cotton On has amazing capri jeggings which have been my go to. I like that they don’t bunch up at the bottom, especially when wearing boots. It looks so much cleaner. I am on the lookout for some ripped ones, so someone let me know where to buy some!

Lightweight Longline jackets

I’ve pretty much have lived in my denim longline jacket. It’s honestly my favorite thing I own. If you look through my Instagram, you all see that I wear it a lot. Although I’m not letting it go, I do want to polish up my wardrobe and add some longline jackets that are sleek and a bit more dressed up. I love longline anything. I feel like it’s comfier for me and adds an extra touch to an outfit instead of just wearing a regular jacket.

What are some of your fall essentials?

How I Stay Active

How I Stay Active

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of prAna. The opinions and text are all mine.


When I was in college I was super active. I had a job that required me to be moving a lot and of course, I was always out and about with my friends. I wouldn’t say I was super active like going to the gym type, but I was definitely moving a lot more than I do now. Lately, especially with summer coming up, I’m making it a point to actually get up and at least get 10,000 steps in.

How I Stay Active How I Stay Active

During the week I have really early mornings and don’t get home until really late, which adds to the challenge of staying active. So during my lunch I take a very long walk to keep myself moving throughout the day. Thankfully I live near a small mountain that is an easily three mile hike and near a river trail. 

Since I’m still trying to get into the habit of being more active, finding good work out clothes is a challenge. I thankfully got to try some items from prAna and I’m in love! I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a very chill dress so I love clothes that are really comfy and that’s what prAna is. Only using organic cotton, each item is soft and comfortable to move in, plus it helps that they are about the way they source the cotton! I love a company that really cares about doing things the right way. What I love especially from the pants is that they felt durable and not cheap whatsoever so that was a huge plus! I hate when pants feel too thin and like they can tear up easily. The shirt has a built in sports bra so you don’t have to have tons of layers and it feels lightweight and it actually fit perfectly, which is something I was skeptical about. I’m definitely a new fan of prAna!

How I Stay ActiveHow I Stay Active

Check out prAna and their commitment to organic cotton below!

As I’m getting older I am seeing the benefit of staying active. It’s crazy how I’m noticing I don’t bounce back as easily as I used to, which is hard to embrace but even more of a reason to be active. Even if it’s something as simple as taking a short walk, something is better than nothing!

What are some ways you stay active?

Don’t forget to check out prAna and use the code “WAGLNAC” to get some discounts!

How to Get Ready for Summer

How to Get Ready for Summer

I was provided Harry’s product but all my opinions are my own.

Summer is among us and as the temperature starts to rise, there is tons of ways we can get ready for it. We may think that it’s just switching out our closet and putting our sweaters away but there’s so much else you could do. So make sure to take care of everything with these helpful tips! Here’s how to get ready for summer.

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Sunscreen Makeup

It gets hot, we all know that. Everyone wants to rush to get waterproof makeup, but make sure your makeup has some SPF or ingredients that will protect your skin from the harsh sun. Trust me, I hate makeup that melts in the sun, but make sure to get things to protect your skin too! Take care of yourself. I’m a weird person who loves sunscreen and the smell of it, so I’m stoking up.

Smooth Skin, Check

Get your legs or your face ready with Harry’s shaving set. Smooth skin is an absolute must for the summer! Thankfully Harry’s has a trial so you can try their Truman set (including a travel sized shaving gel and blade cover) and all you have to do is cover shipping! I’ve been using this for the last month and I’ve seen a difference compared to my last razor.

No Heat Summer

Every summer I stop applying heat on my hair (only for special occasions) so I can let my hair be it’s natural self. This gives my hair a break plus, why use a hot tool when it’s already hot outside! I usually get products that help my hair during this time and let my natural waves shine.

Out With the Old

I know spring cleaning is a thing but I feel like deep cleaning during every season is important, especially during summer. I feel like summer tends to linger longer, I do live in sunny California after all. Get rid of everything you genuinely don’t need from clothes to makeup. Make sure to start off fresh!


What are some ways you prepare for summer?