How to do Second Day Curls

How to do Second Day Curls

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I’m a huge second day hair fan. Hair always looks better by the second day. Are you the kind of person that plans your outing according to when you wash your hair? I do. The struggle with this is that you don’t want it to look gross. Thankfully I have Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. Here’s how to do second day curls!

How to do Second Day Curls

I’ve gotten in the really bad habit of touching my bangs a lot. They are in a weird growing out stage and it’s rough. But this means my bangs start to look gross soon after washing them because I won’t stop touching them. Dry shampoo is a must! The Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo is available at Walmart and it’s super easy to find! 

How to do Second Day Curls

I’ve talked about my hair routine before and I’ve changed it up a bit since summer is coming up. I’m trying to let my hair get a break and not apply heat to it. This means less straightening and not as much blow drying. Although it’s so good for my hair, it makes me anxious because it’s out of my comfort zone. But I’m trying to embrace my natural hair and be confident in it!

How to do Second Day Curls

Touching my hair is such an issue because it makes it look greasier much faster. The Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo refreshes my hair in-between washes, removes oil all while adding volume and fullness! I love second day hair because it has already been slept in and in my case, I feel like it smooths it out better and becomes more manageable. 

What I do is leave my hair air dry after washing it and leave it be. My hair is naturally wavy but I usually wrap it in a headband to not apply heat to it. Wrapping it in a headband will help curl your hair naturally! The next day I take my hair down, spray Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo and shake my hair out. That’s it! It’s my perfect style because California is already way too warm and hair gets grosser faster and I don’t want to apply heat to it. It’s the easy second day curl!

What’s your second day hair go to routine?

Check out Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo at your nearest Walmart!

The Easiest Skin Care Routine

The Easiest Skin Care Routine



I’m in the middle of working full-time and going to grad school full-time. This means my schedule is crazy and having a moment to relax is rare. It’s really hard when you need a break and I usually don’t get home until really late. I needed to find the easiest skin care routine ever. That’s where Bioré comes in. They don’t just have one option but two that will make your routine easy! Let’s get into it.

Easy Skin Care Routine

No matter how tired I am, I usually set aside 5-10 minutes to just focus on cleaning my face. I have dry skin so it’s important to keep it always clean. My routine has to let me multitask and do other things because there’s always way too much to do. I need to be done soon. I feel like sometimes skin care routines take a long time and that is why people tend to put them off.

Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask is a lifesaver. I’m a huge fan of the heating masks and have used it before. It’s easy to put on. All you do is wet your face then massage it on to activate the heat then rinse off in a minute. I love the heating up part because it’s such a cool sensation! What makes the Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask great is that it’s infused with natural charcoal. The Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask helps remove dirt, oil, and surface toxins and purifies pores. All in one minute! Imagine getting all that out of the day in 60 seconds. Worth it!

The Easiest Skin Care Routine The Easiest Skin Care Routine

My nose is usually a huge problem area for me. Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are amazing! I usually do this once a week for 10 minutes. Perfect way to multitask and get your skin together. I usually catch up on emails and start doing assignments while letting the strip do its thing. It gets out blackheads and oil and even diminishes the appearance of pores!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bioré and these products are a huge help right now since life is so busy and I need something quick!

Don’t forget to check out Bioré! You can easily find them at Target or Amazon!

What’s your easy skin care routine?

Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves

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Y’all I’m so excited for spring and sunshine! It’s been a rainy season in California, which is rare. So I’m so happy for warmer temperatures. I love spring because I always end up trying new styles I usually would never. I’m definitely excited for new trends. Here are my spring must haves!

Wrap and Overall Dresses

I’ve always been a rompers only kind of girl but I’m loving dresses this season. Not just any dresses, wrap and overall dresses. Wrap dresses are so easy to throw on and dress up or down. They’re perfect because you can look nice in seconds and fit me so well. Then there’s overall dresses. Over on the trend side, I’m all about overall dresses. I got one from Cotton On and it’s super cute and casual. I’m excited to wear some of these things!

Print Pants

I’ve always been a black pants only girl. The fact that I’m loving this trend is completely different for me! I’m still a little nervous about jumping on this trend and need to find the perfect pair before I commit but I just think it’s such a fun style!


This spring has me breaking out of my usual. I’ve started to wear my hair up which is completely new for me. The silk scarves trend is one of my favorites. I love how putting a scarf around my ponytail makes it more fun and can easily make it look much more stylish. I’m stocking up on these!


Not a new trend but I trend I’m forever sticking with. I don’t know why but sneakers have been my go to. I love Vans’ platform line and got some of those in checkered slip ons. But also decided to buy some high top black Converse. I’m honestly going to keep buying more because they’re so cool.

What’s your current favorite spring trend?

My Easy Everyday Hairstyles with TRESemmé

My Easy Everyday Hairstyles with TRESemmé



My hair can get really unruly. I never know what my natural hair is doing and since it’s thick, I always have to style it to make it look nice. It means I have to get creative and do my hair in ways that will stay but still be cute. I also never realized how many baby hairs I have until now and it is a new thing I have to tame. Here are my easy everyday hairstyles with TRESemmé.

TRESemmé has a new line of Compressed Micro-Mist Hairsprays that fits all your needs! They are easily available at Walmart and are affordable. The micro-mist line contains different hairsprays for texture, smooth, boost, and extend. I’m not a fan of traditional hairspray because I hate my hair feeling hard or like there’s a lot of product.

Everyday Waves

My ultimate go to look is this one. I simply blow-dry my hair and go back with a curling wand and choose random strands to curl. This is where product is so important! For this look the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture is huge because it gives my hair a better look and feel than just simple curls. My hair is the type of hair that doesn’t hold a style when it’s too straight so it helps to keep it intact. But I love that it gives it a messy look, which I love!

My Easy Everyday Hairstyles with TRESemmé

One Sided Sweep

I recently got a cartilage piercing on my right ear and I love it! I had to deal with letting it heal and then finding a way to show it off so the one sided hair sweep became a favorite. Depending on how I feel, I either do small braid on the side or I just push it all back and hold it down with a bobby pin. This, however, means that all my flyaways, baby hairs, and even the bobby pin slipping is something I have to take care of. The TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth spray makes sure everything stays in place. I feel like this can be such a classy look but can look super messy if it falls apart.

Headband Up-Do 

This was my ultimate go to style for the longest! All you need is a headband. Basically all you do is put the headband on and then tuck your hair inside it. It’s super easy and you can easily change up the vibe with any headband you choose. I put a touch of hairspray because some of my headbands are looser than others and this helps my hair stay in place and not slide out. 

What is your go to everyday style?

Check out TRESemmé’s new Compressed Micro-Mist line and tell me what’s your favorite one!

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine



I love prepping myself in the new year and ready to face what’s to come. If you’ve been following for a while you know that I love makeup but decided to start taking care of my face a bit more. The thing is that I still need makeup. Finding makeup that lets my skin breathe and keeps me looking good can be hard! 2018 means Neu Year, Neu daily beauty routine!

My skin has been breaking out a lot more lately so it’s a struggle to put something on my face and wondering if it will do it good. And with work and starting my last semester of grad school, I need something quick but that takes care of my face. Neutrogena has the HydroBoost and SkinClearing collections that has makeup items that are taking care of your skin! They’re affordable and can easily be found at a Walmart near you.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Makeup Routine

My routine is simple because I have to be up and going early in the day. With everything, you start at the base. I have faint freckles and some dark spots so I want to make sure my skin looks even. To start, I use the SkinClearing Liquid Makeup in the shade fair (it’s winter y’all) and apply a layer to my face. I go in with the HydroBoost concealer under my eyes and use the SkinClearing mineral powder to top it off.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

Dryness is one of my biggest issues and that extends to my lips. Finding good lip products that doesn’t dry my lips even more is super hard. I love the HydroBoost hydrating lip shine (I have the shade pink mocha) because it’s glossy without being over the top and I can wear it all day! The shade is a perfect simple shade that I can use everyday.

Neu Year, Neu Daily Beauty Routine

My favorite extra item is the SkinClearing blemish concealer. It’s my go to! One: you can carry it everywhere because it’s a slim tube. Two: it’s perfect for quick fixes. But on days where I really want to keep it super simple, I just use this and go. It keeps things natural and only fixes the spots that need help. It’s amazing!

What’s in your daily beauty routine? Don’t forget to check out the SkinClearing collection and the HydroBoost collection!