Let's Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

Let’s Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

I like to hold on to things for as long as I can. Obviously that doesn’t always last and things have to change. It’s honestly a good thing that things change. We may not always decide when that happens so we have to make it work the best we can. They’re opportunities to see how more »

Let's Talk: Is College for Everyone

Let’s Talk: Is College for Everyone

Since I started grad school I’ve gotten so many questions about school. But by far some of the most asked questions are it’s necessary or if they should even go. At first I told everyone yes. College is expected once you’re done with high school. But college is a whole different ballgame and something that more »

Let's Talk: My Walk with God

Let’s Talk: My Walk with God

I’m going to share with you my testimony. This is 100% hard to write so I’m going to be doing it as a letter to my younger self. The first section is going to be a lot of backstory from my time growing up. The second will be what went on when I started going more »

Let's Talk: Self-Care

Let’s Talk: Self-Care

Some see self care as merely getting your nails done and have a pamper day for fun. But self-care is about taking a second for yourself and regrouping. Everyone needs to practice self-care! There are so many reasons that it’s important to incorporate this in our lives because it will give us a time to more »

Let's Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

Let’s Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

The idea of a quarter-life crisis seems like a relatively new idea but it’s not. I feel that since life is lived in such a public way because of social media, we see this more often. Honestly, one of the reasons I love the movie Reality Bites was because you get to see them struggling more »