Hidden Disney Food You Need to Try

Hidden Disney Food You Need to Try

Fun fact: Sometimes my Disney trips only consist on me eating and then going home. Disney food is life, honestly. I never get people who say it’s overpriced. I can get a corn dog, a drink, and a side for only $6. Which is equivalent to any meal you can get in any fast food outside of the park. Anyway, I have talked about the Disney foods I haven’t tried, which the list has changed a little because I have tried dole whips since then.   

When people think of Disney food they think of churros and Disney shaped waffles. Although those are amazing, there are so many hidden Disney foods you need to try!

Award Wieners – Spicy City Dog

One day when I couldn’t think of anything else to eat I stopped by Award Wieners since it had a short line. Now, I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to classic foods like hamburgers or hot dogs so I was going to pick something basic. But I saw the Spicy City Dog and decided to try it. It’s a hot dog with cheddar-jalapeño sausage topped with chipotle crèma, queso fresco and pico de gallo. It was the best! It was spicy enough but not overwhelming. I would go back to get it again. So if you want a twist on a classic, this is your go to.

Cafe Orleans – Pomme Frites 

I honestly thought more people knew about pomme frites but a lot of people I recommended them to had no idea about them! They are fries tossed with parmesan, garlic, and parsley with a special Cajun spice rémoulade on the side. A lot of people go to Cafe Orleans for the montecristo, which is amazing, but pomme frites are such a great reason to go. They are so darn delicious.

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Jolly Holiday Bakery – Cinnamon Roll

Jolly Holiday cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite dessert in all the park. I love cinnamon rolls anyway but these are so big, warm and gooey, they are perfect for everyone with a huge sweet tooth. I do say you have to be in the mood for it because it is a bigger size than a regular one and it is full of flavor.

Late Night at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland’s late night menu is probably all my favorite foods at once. From 9 pm to park close, they offer burgers, buffalo chicken bites, cheesy potatoes, and even quesadillas. If you know me, that’s essentially all I eat because it’s comfort food for me. Plus, I usually go to the parks at night so it’s nice to have these options. Check out more menu specifics here.

What Disney food is your favorite or what would you try?

Disney Bucket List III

Disney Bucket List III

So fun fact, I was not going to renew my Disneyland pass this year. Everyone I told was pretty much shocked. Disney is life, you know? It came down to the wire and I was set not renewing and then I found myself at a ticket booth signing a contract for another year. Since there’s still some reluctance from me, I decided that I have to make this year worth it. Since I kind of gave up on my second bucket list, there’s a few things that rolled over but obviously tons of new things as well. I’m keeping it a bit shorter so I’m not overwhelmed with options. Fingers crossed that this will be a fun filled year (and a lot more Disney content). 

P.S. Check out my first bucket list and my second!

Disney Bucket List Part III

  • Ride the Lily Belle (Or at least just get on it): I had this on my last list and forgot about it, but now that the trains are running I definitely want to try to check it out!
  • Give out more guest compliments: Shout out to Disneyland for making it easy to tweet out guest compliments. CMs have to deal with a lot of people so I want to compliment those good ones.
  • Take a VIP tour: Walk in Walt’s Footsteps is a tour that takes you around the park and tells you the history as Walt saw it. It has cool perks and doesn’t cost a million dollars so I want to do it.
  • Eat my way through a land: Each land has special treats and foods. I tend to jump around but I want to try every food option one land offers.
  • Find places for pictures: I talked about my favorite places that aren’t the castle, but I want to find more places because Disneyland has some pretty cool looking views everywhere.
  • Watch the Candlelight Processional: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, especially at the parks. The Candlelight Processional happens every year and I want to at least get a glimpse of it.
  • Explore each land thoroughly: Same with the food, I jump around lands. I want to take on one land and fully explore all the rides, shops, and little things it has to offer.
  • Get an autograph from each character: I never had an autograph book, so I guess it’s not too late to start now. I want to get a signature from every character that’s currently at the parks.
  • Collect something you can only get at the parks: I know pins are the main thing and I love pins but they can get real pricey. I know there’s coin pressing and there’s actually a guide for that so I want to try that out.
  • Ride all the mountains in one day: The mountains are the most popular rides in the park so it’s going to take a lot of planning and fastpasses to get it done. Also, I’m including Matterhorn.
  • Actually learn the history from the park: I know a good amount of history but there’s tons more I don’t know. There’s also a lot of cast members who have been there for years so I want to ask and learn.
  • Do a special event or dining event: There’s a lot of special of special things that go on in the parks if you follow closely. From AP events to dessert parties, I want to try them out.
  • Sit on the porch on Main Street: What better way to just chill than sitting and people watching in one of the busiest, yet classic, part of the park.

What’s something you would do in any Disney park?

Disneyland Planning Guide: On-Site & Off-Site Hotels

Disneyland Planning Guide: On-Site & Off-Site Hotels

Planning a Disney trip can be fun but also stressing when you’re trying to figure out the easiest and cheapest solutions. So on Twitter (I make a lot of important decisions based on feedback there so make sure to follow) I asked if I should do planning guides for Disneyland and Disney World and many said yes! So every week I will take an aspect that’s important when planning a trip and explain all the options and my experiences.

This is not a sponsored series, this is solely based on my own experiences. I get a lot of people asking for recommendations so I decided to get detailed with it! I will be alternating between Disneyland and Disney World, so make sure to follow along! To kick this off I will be talking about something important and that’s where to stay! I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and favorite places to stay, so let’s begin.

On-Site Hotels

Paradise Pier Hotel

This is the only on-site hotel I have stayed at and it’s the cheaper of the three. It has a very laid back beach feel and has a direct view of California Adventure but still a bit more of a walk from the parks. If you want to stay on property but still want to stay in budget, this may be your best choice. There is character dining available at PCH Grill for breakfast and it was always a blast. From my experience though, I felt like rooms were a bit cramped, even when I got upgraded. Check it out here.

Disneyland Hotel

The classic hotel and one that will definitely get the magic going. This hotel will emerge you in everything Disneyland has to offer. The first on-site hotel, it’s the one with most history. Although it does sit at the end of Downtown Disney, the details and decor in this hotel will make it all worth it. The closest transportation is the monorail. I can’t say this enough, if you want to get the full magical experience, this is the hotel to stay at. It’s on the pricey end so it will be an investment. Check it out here.

Grand Californian Hotel

The newest of the three, this is the most beautiful, in my opinion. But it will cost you a pretty penny. It has a rustic, woodsy feel and features the Storytellers Cafe, which is cute for character dining. Grand Californian also has spas and a lot more activities to do when not in the parks. This hotel has direct access to California Adventure and sits at the center of Downtown Disney. If you’re looking for more of a luxurious touch to your trip, Grand Californian is the place to stay. Check it out here.

Pros of On-Site

  • The Whole Disney Experience: The main reason to stay on-site. You get Disney magic the second you check it and have it even when you’re not in the parks.
  • Extra Magic Hour: Stay on-site gives you access to the parks an hour early before they open for the public. Empty rides everywhere.
  • Distance and Transportation: Being on-site means you can easily use monorails, shuttles, etc. to get from your hotel to the parks.

Cons of On-Site

  • Price: One of the big cons is price. Since rooms are limited and it’s a Disney hotel, it’s going to cost you.
  • Availability: The Disneyland Resort only has 3 hotels (compared to WDW) so space runs out quickly if you don’t book in time.
  • Extra Magic Hour Times: Only certain days offer this and it’s not for both parks. You either get Disneyland or DCA and depends on the day.

Off-Site Hotels

Park Vue Inn

This is located directly across the Harbor entrance to the park. You just cross the street and you’re there. That’s one of the biggest wins. When I stayed there, it was comfortable, low noise, and offered a free hot breakfast and wifi. Park Vue has set pricing, regardless of when you book, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for deals. Check it out here.

Grand Legacy at the Park

From the places I have stayed in on Harbor, this has been the nicest. It recently got a revamp and it definitely worked. It’s luxurious and clean. There’s even a rooftop lounge, which is perfect for watching the fireworks. They offer many deals so keep your eyes pealed, especially if you’re a passholder, they have a special discount! However, housekeeping would leave my window open when they cleaned so I did have to let front desk know. It’s also at the corner of the street (facing Tower of Terror) so it’s a bit more of a walk. Check it out here.

Desert Inn and Suites

This location is also pretty close to the Harbor entrance. If you have a big family, Desert Inn has pretty great joint room options and are surprisingly very spacious. One of the things I liked was that it has garaged underground parking so it feels safer. Prices and rooms vary, so you do have to look into booking early on. Check it out here.

Pros of Off-Site

  • Assurance: Disneyland does have Good Neighbor Hotels so you can be assured that they’re good quality and you can save. 
  • Price: The best thing about staying off-site. There are plenty of options that can help you save.
  • Calmness: Staying off-site is easier to avoid the crowds if you want to take a complete break.

Cons of Off-Site

  • Distance: Probably one of the biggest cons. You will have to walk across the street or take a shuttle if your hotel offers it.
  • Not the Whole Experience: staying at a local hotel means you won’t be immersed in Disney magic. The Anaheim convention center is close by so you’ll have a lot of different people.
  • Walking: If you want to take a break during your day, you will have to walk back to your hotel, which takes time of your day or just adds more stress if you forget something.


Do you prefer to stay on-site or off? What’s your favorite hotel?


Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Almost every year, Disney parks win the award for the place where most pictures are taken. There’s so much to look at and details everywhere. It’s truly the loveliest of places. Pictures are a sure way to remember the memories for your trip. I know the castle is the main focal point of Disney parks (and yes, take many pictures here) but there are also so many cool places to take pictures. Here are some options that are not the castle.

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Best Places for Pictures at Disneyland

Walls, Walls Everywhere

It all started with the purple wall over at Disney World. But Disney walls have now become a thing and Disneyland has plenty. You see that picture of me on my sidebar? That’s from my favorite wall that’s located through the tunnels as you’re coming into Disneyland. It’s simple, perfect for a clean aesthetic. Probably the most popular wall is the Small World Wall. A wall with character, it’s blue and incorporates Small World’s facade, making it really cute.  And of course, there is the blue wall at California Adventure. Basically our response to the purple wall, still cool.

Cars Land

If you’ve never been to Cars Land this might seem random but let me explain. It’s technically not in Disneyland, it’s over at California Adventure but it’s amazing. There’s so many details throughout the whole land that are picture worthy. There’s no way you can go wrong here because there’s a spot everywhere.

New Orleans Square

This is honestly my favorite place for pictures and just to hang out. It’s beautiful and it really makes you feel like you are in a completely different place. It’s charming and colorful and a gem compared to the rest of the park. There’s plenty of details and walls that you can take so many pictures. I just like to admire the view here.

Mark Twain

Since it’s currently docked it’s even better to take pictures here. This is a perfect spot because it’s cute and romantic. It looks out to the water, so when it’s dark it looks so much more magical.


What’s your favorite spot for pictures at a Disney park?

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Disneyland Christmas Guide

Disneyland Christmas Guide

I love Christmas. You know what else I love? Christmas at Disneyland! This year the holidays at Disneyland are completely filled with new experiences mixed with the classics. So I’m giving you a handy guide to see what you can do! Here are some of the highlights of the season.

World of Color

Over at California Adventure, we are getting a brand new World of Color for the holidays! Which means, less Frozen! Sorry Frozen fans, there is just way too much of it in the parks. The new show called, World of Color: Seasons of Light, will be about Mickey getting ready for the holidays. It’s going to have apperances from Toy Story, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stitch, even Inside Out. I can guarantee that this will be one of the most popular showings.

Paint the Night

The greatest return ever. Paint the Night is returning for the holidays only on select days (mostly weekends) and this is my favorite part of it all. One of my favorite Disney memories happened during a rainy December night watching Paint the Night. The lights mixed with the Christmas decorations makes it such an amazing experience to watch. This is the only time to watch it before it goes on break again!


The snowy castle is back! Since the 60th anniversary was still going on last year, we only got the wreath but now Sleeping Beauty Castle has snow again. Of course, one of the most memorable things is the big Christmas tree that welcomes you to the park. The decorations around the park are always amazing.

Food, Food, Food

One of the most exciting things is the amount of food this season brings and there are a tons of new offerings. Something new this year is over at California Adventure, which is like a mini Food and Wine, called Festival of Holidays. It will feature festive foods from various cultures, plus it will debut Elena of Avalor to Disneyland. One of my favorite offerings is the Abuelita hot chocolate, and of course, the famous handmade candy canes will be back again.


Have you visited Disney parks during the holidays? What is your favorite offering?

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