Hidden Disney Food You Need to Try

Hidden Disney Food You Need to Try

Fun fact: Sometimes my Disney trips only consist on me eating and then going home. Disney food is life, honestly. I never get people who say it’s overpriced. I can get a corn dog, a drink, and a side for only $6. Which is equivalent to any meal you can get in any fast food outside of the park. Anyway, I have talked about the Disney foods I haven’t tried, which the list has changed a little because I have tried dole whips since then.   

When people think of Disney food they think of churros and Disney shaped waffles. Although those are amazing, there are so many hidden Disney foods you need to try!

Award Wieners – Spicy City Dog

One day when I couldn’t think of anything else to eat I stopped by Award Wieners since it had a short line. Now, I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to classic foods like hamburgers or hot dogs so I was going to pick something basic. But I saw the Spicy City Dog and decided to try it. It’s a hot dog with cheddar-jalapeño sausage topped with chipotle crèma, queso fresco and pico de gallo. It was the best! It was spicy enough but not overwhelming. I would go back to get it again. So if you want a twist on a classic, this is your go to.

Cafe Orleans – Pomme Frites 

I honestly thought more people knew about pomme frites but a lot of people I recommended them to had no idea about them! They are fries tossed with parmesan, garlic, and parsley with a special Cajun spice rémoulade on the side. A lot of people go to Cafe Orleans for the montecristo, which is amazing, but pomme frites are such a great reason to go. They are so darn delicious.

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Jolly Holiday Bakery – Cinnamon Roll

Jolly Holiday cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite dessert in all the park. I love cinnamon rolls anyway but these are so big, warm and gooey, they are perfect for everyone with a huge sweet tooth. I do say you have to be in the mood for it because it is a bigger size than a regular one and it is full of flavor.

Late Night at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland’s late night menu is probably all my favorite foods at once. From 9 pm to park close, they offer burgers, buffalo chicken bites, cheesy potatoes, and even quesadillas. If you know me, that’s essentially all I eat because it’s comfort food for me. Plus, I usually go to the parks at night so it’s nice to have these options. Check out more menu specifics here.

What Disney food is your favorite or what would you try?

Disney Bucket List III

Disney Bucket List III

So fun fact, I was not going to renew my Disneyland pass this year. Everyone I told was pretty much shocked. Disney is life, you know? It came down to the wire and I was set not renewing and then I found myself at a ticket booth signing a contract for another year. Since there’s still some reluctance from me, I decided that I have to make this year worth it. Since I kind of gave up on my second bucket list, there’s a few things that rolled over but obviously tons of new things as well. I’m keeping it a bit shorter so I’m not overwhelmed with options. Fingers crossed that this will be a fun filled year (and a lot more Disney content). 

P.S. Check out my first bucket list and my second!

Disney Bucket List Part III

  • Ride the Lily Belle (Or at least just get on it): I had this on my last list and forgot about it, but now that the trains are running I definitely want to try to check it out!
  • Give out more guest compliments: Shout out to Disneyland for making it easy to tweet out guest compliments. CMs have to deal with a lot of people so I want to compliment those good ones.
  • Take a VIP tour: Walk in Walt’s Footsteps is a tour that takes you around the park and tells you the history as Walt saw it. It has cool perks and doesn’t cost a million dollars so I want to do it.
  • Eat my way through a land: Each land has special treats and foods. I tend to jump around but I want to try every food option one land offers.
  • Find places for pictures: I talked about my favorite places that aren’t the castle, but I want to find more places because Disneyland has some pretty cool looking views everywhere.
  • Watch the Candlelight Processional: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, especially at the parks. The Candlelight Processional happens every year and I want to at least get a glimpse of it.
  • Explore each land thoroughly: Same with the food, I jump around lands. I want to take on one land and fully explore all the rides, shops, and little things it has to offer.
  • Get an autograph from each character: I never had an autograph book, so I guess it’s not too late to start now. I want to get a signature from every character that’s currently at the parks.
  • Collect something you can only get at the parks: I know pins are the main thing and I love pins but they can get real pricey. I know there’s coin pressing and there’s actually a guide for that so I want to try that out.
  • Ride all the mountains in one day: The mountains are the most popular rides in the park so it’s going to take a lot of planning and fastpasses to get it done. Also, I’m including Matterhorn.
  • Actually learn the history from the park: I know a good amount of history but there’s tons more I don’t know. There’s also a lot of cast members who have been there for years so I want to ask and learn.
  • Do a special event or dining event: There’s a lot of special of special things that go on in the parks if you follow closely. From AP events to dessert parties, I want to try them out.
  • Sit on the porch on Main Street: What better way to just chill than sitting and people watching in one of the busiest, yet classic, part of the park.

What’s something you would do in any Disney park?

The Big Things at D23

The Big Things at D23

D23 is one of the best times to be a Disney fan. This is a biannual convention where you get to interact with other fans, buy exclusive merch, and most importantly, hear all the exclusive news coming from The Walt Disney Company. Back in 2015 it got crazy. Moana was presented and Star Wars land was announced, so Disney had to step it up. I do think they did and a lot of things happened! Here’s some of the biggest news.

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Princesses United

A lot of new animation movies were announced. My personal favorite The Incredibles 2 finally got a release date for next summer! But the one thing that rocked people’s mind was that all the princesses (and their original voice actresses) will appear in Ralph Wrecks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. This is probably one of the only times all of them will appear together and poke fun of themselves. We’re also getting a lot more animation movies, like an Olaf short and Frozen 2, so it’s exciting to see what happens!

Here’s a movie release timeline.


Live Action Galore

By far one of the most popular panels regarding movies is the live action panel. It’s a star-studded, secret footage panel. Majority of cast members for the live action films made an appearance this year. The first looks at A Wrinkle in Time, Mary Poppins Return, The Last Jedi, and Avengers Infinity War were shown. The actors for the live action Aladdin film were also announced. For me, I think the live action films got my attention a lot more than animation this time around. 

Read about the Infinity War trailer through these tweets with spoilers. (Click through the tweet and it will take you to the thread.)


Parks Update

If you frequent the parks, the parks panel is a must. Major news always gets announced that basically changes everything about the parks. There was a LOT of news to take in. Almost every park around the world is having a change. There’s a lot of news so I’m just going to focus on Disneyland to keep this short. But I will say I am pretty excited for the Tron ride at Magic Kingdom!

Where to begin? First, Star Wars land will officially be Galaxy’s Edge. Paint the Night is moving to California Adventure. Paradise Pier is turning into Pixar Pier. Pixar Play Parade is going to Disneyland and Disneyland is getting a new firework show inspired by Pixar. Over at DCA, they announced a more immersive experience with superheroes which doesn’t deny or confirm Marvel Land rumors. All those details are still vague so I’m anxious to see how that works. 

Are you a Disney fan? What’s a movie or news you’re looking forward to?

How to Do Disney Alone

How to Do Disney Alone

Disneyland is a fun place to enjoy with your friends and family. But did you know that going alone can also be just as fun? I didn’t expect it to be as fun since i was alone but it was definitely one of my favorite times at Disney. It can be a bit daunting but if you’re a Disney parks fan, it’s something you should definitely try. So here’s how to do Disney alone.

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Find the Single Rider Rides

Single Rider lines are some of the best things Disney has to offer when you’re on a solo trip. However, not all rides are single rider rides and that’s very important to note. These also differ from Disneyland to Disney World so make sure to check. If going on rides is an important thing for you, check to see if your top rides work with your schedule. I personally rode rides without single rider first and then single rider ones after. However, if you see a big ride with a low wait time, just go for it! I went on California Screamin’ 3 times in a row just by going on the regular line, surprisingly faster than the single rider one.

Discover Your Pace

One of the things I like about going alone is this. You can go with your own flow and do what you want instead of waiting on a group. It’s so easy to switch up your plan for the day because you can go with how you’re feeling. For me, I actually sat eating an ice cream float for an hour at Paradise Pier because I wanted to chill and it was great. I walked from one park to another and decided to go on rides when I wanted to. This is the biggest benefit of solo days.

Don’t Be Shy

Most people don’t want to go alone because they think they’ll feel awkward. But honestly, I found that most people won’t even realize that you’re alone. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and even in rides where there was no single rider, I would get passed up pretty fast so I never was on my own looking out of place. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to talk to people around you and cast members. I even got an I’m celebrating button out of it. So don’t think about others, just go on your own merry way.

Take a look at my solo day below!


Would you ever do a solo trip?

Disney World Planning Guide: On-Site & Off-Site Hotels

Disney World Planning Guide: On-Site & Off-Site Hotels

Disney World planning is the most overwhelming, in my opinion. Although having a lot of options is great, it also makes it harder to narrow it down to what you need. However, the one thing I like about Disney World when it comes to hotels is that they have different levels in resorts so you can cancel out the ones that don’t meet your needs.

Value: All-Star Movies

When I planned my trip to Disney World, I kind of just clicked on the first thing I saw. I did want to save so I decided to pick a value resort. I stayed at All-Star Movies and I actually had a great time there. It (as well as the other All-Star’s) are broken up into buildings with themes. The main source of transportation is buses, which sometimes are shared between all three All-Star resorts. The rooms are great, a bit average but do the job. Check it out here.

Moderate: Port Orleans Resorts

If you’re looking for something that looks great but doesn’t break the bank, Port Orleans Resorts are your must. There is French Quarter and Riverside to choose from and they each have great views. French Quarter offers horse drawn carriages and both resorts offer water transportation to the parks, in case buses are not your thing. These resorts are the best of both worlds because the views are stunning and the price is decent. Check out Riverside here. Check out French Quarter here.

Deluxe: Contemporary

If you want the whole complete experience and don’t mind splurging? The Contemporary is for you. This is probably the ultimate resort to stay at. Contemporary has a monorail that can take you directly to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Plus, it’s not that far away from MK, so you can walk there if you’re up for it. You also get a good view of the Electrical Water Pageant. Plus, this resort has spas and meeting spaces. Overall, it’s a top notch place to stay. Check it out here.

Pros of On-Site

  • Easy Check In: You can check in online before your trip and they will text/email you your room number when you arrive.
  • Free MagicBands: Pretty self explanatory, you get a free one for every person in your room.
  • Mickey’s Magical Express: Get free transportation from the airport to your hotel using this.

Cons of On-Site

  • Price: As always, staying on Disney properties comes with a price.
  • Crowds: Majority of the people stay in Disney hotels, meaning getting around the parks can take long from all the people there.
  • Disney Property: Maybe this is just a con for me, but staying on Disney property means you’re in the Disney bubble always. Yes, you can leave and go to other parks and locations, but I felt stuck.

Off-Site: Wyndham Grand

Sometimes no matter how much you want to, staying on-site just can’t work out. Wyndham Grand is a good alternative. It is one of the few places that offers shuttle to the parks for easy convenience. It’s also a pretty nice looking hotel, with the standard offerings. Check it out here.

Pros of Off-Site

  • Price: Off-site will always be a little bit cheaper than staying on-site.
  • Flexibility: You can venture out to other areas of Orlando and explore other things.
  • Availability: Rooms go fast for Disney hotels so there’s always places booking off-site.

Cons of Off-Site

  • Distance: Disney property is big so when you’re off-site, you will have to travel some way to get into the parks. Getting back and forth is a bit more tiring.
  • No MagicBands: You will have to purchase MagicBands for everyone in your group since you won’t get them for free.
  • No Full Disney Experience: Staying off-site means you encounter people who aren’t there just for Disney. Hotels won’t have the complete magical feel and won’t immerse you in it.


What are your favorite resorts to stay at, at Disney World? Make sure to keep up every week with both Disneyland and Disney World planning guides!