Gift Guide for College Students

Gift Guide for College Students

Y’all, college is hard and I can slowly feel my light dim the more I get into grad school. College students are just confused kids trying to be adults. So what better than a gift guide for college students!? College kids are just trying to make it through life and all they really need is some coffee, tbh. But here’s some more handy things to give them.

Gift Card to Barnes and Noble

Or literally gift cards wherever you can get books. I recently found that Barnes and Noble does book rentals and it’s amazing. College books are expensive so please help a sad and broke college student to not go broke buying one book. It’s such a helpful gift.

Anything Food Related

But like actual food. Sure a shirt that says “fries before guys” is funny but it’s not going to keep us fed. Give groceries, gift cards to their favorite coffee shops, or tools so they can actually cook a good meal. Food is life. A food gift is always a good gift.

The Necessities

I’m actually really weird at receiving gifts. I hate feeling like someone is wasting their money on me. I know it’s fun getting really cool gifts and the latest anything. But give college kids things that they will use in life. Does it seem like a boring gift? Sure. But at least they’ll have something they’ll use.

What’s a gift you would get college students?

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How Grad School is Giving Me a Second Chance at the College Experience

How Grad School is Giving Me a Second Chance at the College Experience

College has almost become a rite of passage. We all think of the typical college experience and hope ours will be some of the best years of our lives. I’m a very shy person so although I liked my undergrad experience, there’s a lot I held back from. As my senior year ended, I regretted not being part of more things. I never thought that going to grad school would give me the opportunity to live through the college experience again. I go to a school were graduate students can participate in the same things as those in undergrad. 

This whole year in general I’ve been trying to do new things and step out of my bubble. So I decided that if I’m going to do grad school, I might as well go all out. It has shown me that grad school can give me another opportunity to experience college and it’s been quite the adventure. Here’s how grad school is giving me a second chance at the college experience.

All of the Events

One of the main things I missed out of undergrad was all the late night events. As a commuter, I didn’t want to stay at school longer and tried to leave as soon as I can. That’s something that now I see was completely on me and I should’ve tried to participate a bit more. So whenever I see an event on campus, I push myself to go even if I go by myself. I got to cross off going to a concert by myself and it was fun! So excited to go to more activities and games. Let’s be real, college sports are great!

Networking is huge! I definitely missed the mark on this as an undergrad but I’m taking full advantage of it now. I’m also taking time to meet with my professors and build relationships with them, which helps in the long run because they have so much knowledge. Usually I focused so much on working through undergrad that I would miss key opportunities, so this time I am making sure to connect with people.

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Knowledge is Power

This time around I’m truly valuing my classes. I’m actually digging deeper into the content instead of just trying to get a passing grade. It’s actually really great because I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth this time. This is what college is all about and I’m excited to feel like my degree will have value.

Part of Something Bigger

The school I chose is significantly bigger than where I did my undergrad and that has its perks. There is a rooted loyalty and history that makes it so fun to be part of. I feel like I actually have school pride, which is something new for me I always thought I was too cool for that. But now I get how people get passionate about the college they attend. It’s a really cool to feel part of something bigger!

What do you think about the typical college experience? Is it something that interested you or something you avoided?

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Let’s Talk: Is College for Everyone

Let’s Talk: Is College for Everyone

Since I started grad school I’ve gotten so many questions about school. But by far some of the most asked questions are it’s necessary or if they should even go. At first I told everyone yes. College is expected once you’re done with high school. But college is a whole different ballgame and something that everyone handles differently. Let me tell you know, there is no clear yes and no answer. So let me navigate through this.

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It’s Tricky

I’m a huge advocate for school. Part of it is because I genuinely love writing papers and school spirit. I also made some of my best memories in college. So I’m a bit biased because I want everyone to go to college because I loved it. But with all things, there are pros and cons.

Some of the pros to go to college are that you’ll at least have a degree to fall back on. You can make your degree work for you somehow. Plus, if you actively engage with professors you can make connections that can help you in your career. You really do learn a lot about what you’re majoring in and it can expand your thinking. I know people who ended up switching their major because they took an elective class they loved and realized their passions were different. On a more personal side, I’ve known people who come into their own in college. With new independence and no pressures of high school, people learned to be themselves and grew as people.

So now for some cons. In my opinion, the biggest con is finances. Thankfully I had a scholarship as an undergrad and did work study so my loans were low, but now that I’m in grad school and have to rely on loans to pay for it, I realize how expensive it is. Debt is what keeps people away. But there’s ways around it so do tons of research! Another con is that sometimes you don’t need it. I’ve known people who have gotten good jobs without a degree. You also have to switch your mentality about school. It’s easy to see the party aspect but I know people who struggled because they could get A’s without studying in high school but in college that didn’t work. It’s a huge adjustment.

Who Should Go to College

If you want to go into a career that you can only achieve with a degree, you should 100% pursue college. There’s some careers that there’s no way around this. If you’re uneasy, do deep research on schools and find one that fits. Sometimes disliking the school you attend also makes you dread college, so remember you can transfer out. Ideally, I say everyone should go and at least try it but you should go if you value the education you’ll get.

What About Grad School

Grad school is tricky. You can get your dream job without grad school. Personally, I decided to go to grad school because I wanted to prove myself. I did well enough in undergrad but I knew I could’ve done better, so I wanted to try grad school to see how far I can push myself. I also like the idea that I can be a professor. But I don’t feel like grad school is a required option. I recommend it if you want to continue learning about something in particular and if you want a career that requires you to have a masters. It definitely takes a different kind of commitment.

What do you think about this? Do you think everyone should go to college?

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How to Get Back in the Groove of School

How to Get Back in the Groove of School

Guess who is going back to school!? Me. Grad school has always been on my mind so I decided to jump in and do the thing. I was excited. The thought of getting a new planner and supplies but soon enough, the excitement of getting accepted died down. School is a big deal. I have so many things going on that I began to think of all the stressful things I will have to somehow make time for. Not to mention, I graduated from undergrad in 2015 so I forgot about homework and formatting. I’m a bit overwhelmed but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Here are some things that have helped me out!

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Find a Good Support System

This time around it feels very different. It’s not undergrad where people just see it as a thing you’re supposed to do. I had second doubts pretty much every step of the way and I still do. I have people encouraging me all the way. But it’s also important to find people that get that your time is going to be extremely measured and won’t pressure you. Good people will cheer you on the whole way.

Plan Ahead

I feel like I’m always trying to beat the clock and planning is the only way I can stay on track. I’m still working full-time, blogging (I have so many posts written and scheduled!), and freelance writing. It’s tough and that’s what also overwhelms me. But thankfully I got blessed with some pretty amazing professors that give me all the information for the class weeks ahead of time. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I’m so ridiculously rusty it’s almost funny. I’m usually the kind of person that likes to figure things out on my own. But asking questions to everyone that can help will make things so much easier. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, work smarter not harder.


Do you have any helpful tips to share?

Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to Do Alone

Things Twentysomethings Should Learn to Do Alone

There’s no hiding it, twentysomethings, and millennials in general, right now aren’t always portrayed the best. The underlying thought is that we’re entitled and want things easily. Obviously it will be hard to change everyone’s minds about this but we can do things to better ourselves. Being a twentysomething is so confusing. Some people have it all together but others do not. But regardless of how it’s treating you, here are some things twentysomethings should learn to do alone.

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Stop spending money. But more than that, learn to budget to actually create a savings account. It’s easy to put a cap and not spend money for a month. But learning to budget and staying within limits to save for an overall picture is so important. Learn to budget for bills and for emergencies.

Eat Out Alone

What I mean with this is to go somewhere without pulling out your phone to look busy. Go to a restaurant and enjoy your own company. Starts somewhere small like a coffee shop and soon enough you’ll b good. It feels awkward at first but it feels great to go out and not having to rely on your phone as a crutch.

Do Basic Handy Home and Car Repairs

I personally think this is a life skill everyone should have. So what better time to learn than now! Maybe because I think of a million scenarios but what happens if you’re truly alone and your car needs an oil change or a leaky faucet needs to be tighten. Learn to do the basics and get your own tools!

Make Decisions

Don’t listen to your friends or expectations of others. There’s a lot of decisions now that will somehow shape your future. Think logically. Think long term. Think short term. Just learn to be decisive, even if it’s something minimal like going out. Make your own strong decisions.


Go explore. Go to the place you really always wanted to go, even though others didn’t really want to. Doing things on your own. This way you go at your own pace and you truly do what you want to do. Trips are supposed to be memorable, so take it as a time for you to explore and enjoy.


Being a twentysomething can be hard. What are some things you think everyone in their twenties should learn to do alone?