Why I Separated My Blog and Personal Social Media Accounts

Why I Separated My Blog and Personal Social Media Accounts

As a blogger, social media is the most powerful tool we can use. It’s how we share our posts, connect with other bloggers and most importantly, our readers. I am by no means a social media hater. I love it. Instagram gives me new places to go take pictures, Twitter directs me to the latest news, and well Facebook is there if I’m ever bored.

I was also a big supporter of only having one account that was my personal and tied into my blog. It is a million times easier to keep up on social media this way. But somewhere along the way I stopped feeling like this. I made the decision to split my blog life from my personal life online and it has given me a whole new perspective. Here is why I separated my blog and personal social media accounts.

Keep it Classy

I love Twitter. It’s often my comedic relief and a place that is quicker to connect with people. I’m an avid gif and meme user and sometimes I post things that are funny. But I also post things that are personal to me that would only make sense to the friends and family that follow me. As a blogger, I always want to be as professional as I can. Right now I complain a lot about grad school and tweeting about it just releases some stress. 

When trying to work with brands I want to make sure they are getting the best out of me. I began to feel bad when posts about them would get buried underneath minor details of my life or retweets of random things. So I got to the point where I stopped tweeting because I wanted to make sure my feed felt professional. But that also made me not want to use Twitter in general. That’s why I decided to create one just for my blog. I wanted to be professional and still be able to engage with other bloggers and readers. It also saves people all those tweets of me trying to make it through grad school.

More than Numbers

I’m sure you’ve heard it, number of followers doesn’t determine your worth. It’s 100% true. As a blogger you know that there is strategies to boost followers and get engagement. I remember having a conversation with a group of friends about the whole follow/unfollow thing on Instagram. (P.S. Please don’t do this, not a good strategy whatsoever). I kept explaining it as a blogger and saying how the changing follower numbers makes it hard to pitch to brands and such and true engagement. But they didn’t get it and honestly it made me feel so silly because why was I truly putting so much thought into my follower count and how many likes I got? I remember scrolling through pictures and even though I liked them, I wouldn’t post them because I knew it wouldn’t get that many likes.

Although separating them was a gamble on my follower counts, I knew that I would be able to have people who genuinely wants to see my content. I’m steadily growing on my blog accounts but it’s okay and I’d rather have the engagement over thousands of followers.

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Life How I See It

If you’re a blogger, you know how important it is to have a curated Instagram feed. Kind of like with Twitter, I began feeling pressure on what I posted on Instagram. I would like a random picture I took from a day out but I always felt like I couldn’t post it because it didn’t follow a certain theme. But that meant that a lot of great memories wouldn’t get posted because it didn’t fit. I didn’t want to create a “finsta” because I feel like those just seem like you have something to hide. It feels weird not being able to post my happiest moments just because it doesn’t have the same light or appeal as a flat lay.

Creating a separate account for my blog made it easier to post a curated feed and connect with other bloggers, while my personal is directed towards my friends and family and everyday life. It’s a good compromise.

We Don’t Owe Followers Our Lives

I watch a lot of YouTube vlogs because it’s a way to destress and it’s easy to just have them playing in the background. YouTubers share their lives on vlogs and you feel connected. But there have been times when they wouldn’t post videos and people demanded to know where they were. When the YouTuber posted an update that simply said they needed a break, speculations started and subscribers still wanted them to explain fully and would get angry. This probably happened with bloggers but I feel like I have seen it a lot more with YouTubers. A lot of them tried to argue that it made no sense for the YouTuber (I’m also generalizing because there’s been tons) to not tell them what’s going on since they put their lives online.

Here’s the thing, unless someone legit has a camera running 24/7 live streaming, you don’t know about their lives even if they post a lot of their life online. Your favorite actor, blogger, youtuber, etc. does not owe you their life just because you feel you know everything about them from what they post. As a blogger I share parts of my life with my readers but there’s a lot that I don’t mention. I may post that I went to Disneyland but you still don’t know exactly what I did there. It reminded me that privacy is so important and what we post online shapes people’s opinions of us.

As a reader, do you prefer to see a lot of your favorite blogger’s life? As a blogger, do you split your accounts? Would love to hear all your opinions!

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Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging full time would be a dream. But for me, and many other bloggers out there, that’s not the reality. Blogging in itself is a job so when working a full time job, there’s a lot more energy that goes into running it. It’s definitely an extra challenge we have to work through but it’s not impossible.

It’s tough and I know it gets really tiring trying to make it pan out. Let me go through some of our struggles and give some tips on how to make it work.

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Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Let’s talk about some struggles:


Probably the biggest and most obvious one. In between commuting and working, there’s little time to dedicate to the blog. It’s hard to sit and write post when we have to be at work. Or finding a good time to just unwind and blog. It’s the biggest challenge we face and one that we have to work with. If only there were more hours in a day. 


With not having ample time, it gets tough to connect with others. Blogging is awesome because we can be a click away from someone in another part of the world, but having times of our day booked up makes it hard to bond, especially with different time zones, it gets a bit hard to connect.


I live in California pretty close to Los Angeles. Sometimes I get invites to great events but can’t make it due to work, and if you know California, traffic. I tend to miss out on opportunities because I don’t have the time and access to them, it gets frustrating. 

Try these tips:

Planning, Planning, Planning

The most obvious but one that’s honestly the most important. I was never a planner but once I got an editorial calendar, things changed. There’s sadly no way around this. Scheduling everything will keep you on track and show you how much time you can spend working on something. This is the best way to doing both.

Treat this like a job…

If you really want to be serious about blogging, treat it like a job. I know that doesn’t sound fun when you already have a job, but it will help you keep deadlines and be wise with your time. It all goes back to planning. If you see it as a job, you will allow the ample time to work on posts and create good content.

…Or Not


Sometimes the other perspective is not to see it as a job. There are always other priorities that come first and it’s okay to take breaks from blogging. This way you’re not rushing and posting posts written with half the effort. But it also releases the stress of feeling like this is a must. Your blog will still be there at the end.


What are some ways you manage blogging and a 9 to 5?

Things You Should Do On Social Media

Things You Should Do On Social Media

No matter how much we want to avoid it, social media has become predominant in our society. The thing about social media is that it can actually be a good thing. However, it turns bad when it takes up too much of our lives or becomes a source of negativity. But we can use these outlets in positive ways and here are some things you can do to make it more enjoyable.

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Clean Up Your Following List

A big one for sure. Everyone has to do this sometime. I’m kind of a follower hoarder. I’ve had my Twitter since 2009 and I was still to this day following people from high school who I lost touch with and don’t use their accounts anymore. Everyone in a while, go and clear out inactive accounts and the big one, accounts that you honestly don’t enjoy. As a blogger this is a tough one because a lot of them are mutuals, but if you really don’t mind their posts unfollow them. If you have muted someone, just unfollow them. I tend to just unfollow inactive people at this point, which you can check on Crowdfire.

Follow Accounts You Genuinely Enjoy

I know personally I would have a high number of people I follow so sometimes I wouldn’t follow accounts I enjoyed. I love a good curated account and fashion bloggers, but since I had so many posts to go through, I wouldn’t follow them. So once I took the step in cleaning up my following list, I started checking out accounts I really did enjoy. This made me more excited to actually scroll down and more inspired to get creative.

Delete Old and Unnecessary Posts

Always take some time to clean up your actual posts because you never know how they can be dug up. All my first tweets ended with a “haha (:” and it was so cringe-worthy. I also took a day to look at old Facebook photos and deleted tons. Always remember that someone can be snooping, from an employer to random people, someone can find old, weird posts. But this also gives you a chance to delete any rants that seem silly now.

Limit What You Post

Overposting can be wrong for two different things. You can overshare about a situation in your life and airing out your dirty laundry is always a no-no. I usually type out something and wonder if this is important enough to share and usually click delete. But also, if you post too much things can get lost on your follower’s feeds. Especially if you’re a blogger, make sure you see your analytics and see when is the best times to post things.


What are some things you do on social media regularly?

Valuable Lessons to Learn from Blogging

Valuable Lessons to Learn from Blogging

Blogging started off as an online journal for many but has evolved into so much more. As a blogger, you tend to see the dedication that goes into this. A lot of readers don’t see the work it takes to run a blog and think it’s an easy click of a button. Starting a blog can teach you a lot. It’s more than a fun pastime, it can turn into a small business. Here are some valuable lessons it has taught me.

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It Builds Your Work Ethic

I’ve heard this a lot from people who aren’t bloggers, but many don’t think this is a lot of work. It is though. There is so much planning that goes into it. You have to research trends, analyze stats, and keep your back-end intact so the finish product looks amazing. I learned what it means to put effort into my work. It seems fun being in charge of yourself, but it’s more commitment since everything falls on your shoulders. My mind is now always thinking and can never take a break from working on the blog.

Consistency is Key

I can still remember the days where I would write a post and just click publish, regardless of the time or day. When I started getting more serious, I started having specific times and days to post and it changed everything. It helped me push myself to create content and also not just post on whatever I was feeling that way. Consistency is not just about posting for the sake of posting, but building a reliability with readers. I must admit, I wasn’t consistent before, even just as a person, but I learned a lot about how people put trust in you when you’re always there.

Investing Isn’t Bad

Putting money into anything is always scary. You never know the outcome until after. But as I’ve been blogging over the years I realized how much investing in it can help. Splurge a little picking out a great theme for your site or boosts posts that are doing good so they can have extra exposure. Not only have I invested on my blog and seen results, I started investing in things in my personal life and I’m seeing how much happier I am and doing things I love. Yes, there maybe dud investments, but you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Act Like You Know When You Don’t

This was a big one for me. A lot of the times as bloggers we want to put out information so people can acquire it. We want to be the ones that are in the know. But this can also backfire if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Everyone wants to be experts at something and some are. If you aren’t, just be honest about it. If there’s a topic that’s popular but you don’t have all the information, let is pass. Like they say, write what you know.

Write What You Love

A bit cheesy but a lesson to always remember. It’s really easy getting caught up in trying to write the popular trending topics. Remember that you shouldn’t compromise what you enjoy what you enjoy for clicks. Most of the time writer’s block comes from trying to write something you don’t really care about. Focus on what you love and not what will get you more traffic. Is it hard to do? Yeah, but at least your blog will be a work of love.

You’re Not Above Learning

It’s really easy to think we’re experts on a certain thing but we never stop learning. There’s always something to improve on. Something new to learn about SEO or Pinterest. We’re never truly done learning. But that’s okay, because more knowledge is better than settling.


What are some lessons blogging has taught you?

Getting Down to Business: Survey + Giveaway

Getting Down to Business: Survey + Giveaway

I’ve been really committed to YouTube this year. I’m not going to lie, making videos is a lot harder than making a post. With blog posts I can usually work as I go. I can write and worry about pictures later or vice versa. But with YouTube, I have to be 100% prepared before I even start, which makes it a bit difficult with my schedule.

I’m usually really good at pre-filming a good amount of videos and schedule them before time, but I hit a bit of a wall. My channel mixes lifestyle and Disney. Thankfully, there is always Disney content out there but I’m struggling with lifestyle.

So I’m asking for your help! I’m always trying to put out content you want to see, so I put together a survey so you can give me an idea of what you would enjoy. This will also help me on here so I can brush up my lifestyle content.

And for helping, you can enter to win a Starbucks gift card! Good trade off, right? The survey form is in the giveaway widget and can also be found here. Hope you can help me out!

$15 Gift Card Giveaway

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