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March in Review | ’18

March in Review | ’18

How is March already over!? It’s always sad when my birthday month is coming to an end. I have to wait a whole year to celebrate again. Oh, well. It’s been an interesting month and this year is just going wild. Here’s March in review!


– I mentioned this on my spring must haves but y’all I love wrap dresses. Target actually had tons of cute ones and had sales this month so I stocked up on them!

– I NEED NEW MAKEUP! I feel like I’m so out of the makeup loop and I’m trying to figure out what’s the cool thing now. What have y’all been loving?


– I was going to start a new show on Netflix, but I ended up re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t judge me.

– I started my March and April playlist on Spotify! Go and see what I’m listening to lately here


– I turned 25! It’s been weird and I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I forget my age. It’s been interesting.

– I’m in the thick of writing my grad school thesis and I’m so tired. But I know I’ll be done soon! Send over all the good vibes and coffee!

Around the Web

– Over on the YouTubes, I’ve been loving Kristee Vetter. She’s doing her fitness journey and it’s so honest and helpful so it helps out a lot!

What’s new with you this month?

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The Easiest Skin Care Routine

The Easiest Skin Care Routine



I’m in the middle of working full-time and going to grad school full-time. This means my schedule is crazy and having a moment to relax is rare. It’s really hard when you need a break and I usually don’t get home until really late. I needed to find the easiest skin care routine ever. That’s where Bioré comes in. They don’t just have one option but two that will make your routine easy! Let’s get into it.

Easy Skin Care Routine

No matter how tired I am, I usually set aside 5-10 minutes to just focus on cleaning my face. I have dry skin so it’s important to keep it always clean. My routine has to let me multitask and do other things because there’s always way too much to do. I need to be done soon. I feel like sometimes skin care routines take a long time and that is why people tend to put them off.

Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask is a lifesaver. I’m a huge fan of the heating masks and have used it before. It’s easy to put on. All you do is wet your face then massage it on to activate the heat then rinse off in a minute. I love the heating up part because it’s such a cool sensation! What makes the Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask great is that it’s infused with natural charcoal. The Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask helps remove dirt, oil, and surface toxins and purifies pores. All in one minute! Imagine getting all that out of the day in 60 seconds. Worth it!

The Easiest Skin Care Routine The Easiest Skin Care Routine

My nose is usually a huge problem area for me. Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are amazing! I usually do this once a week for 10 minutes. Perfect way to multitask and get your skin together. I usually catch up on emails and start doing assignments while letting the strip do its thing. It gets out blackheads and oil and even diminishes the appearance of pores!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bioré and these products are a huge help right now since life is so busy and I need something quick!

Don’t forget to check out Bioré! You can easily find them at Target or Amazon!

What’s your easy skin care routine?

Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves

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Y’all I’m so excited for spring and sunshine! It’s been a rainy season in California, which is rare. So I’m so happy for warmer temperatures. I love spring because I always end up trying new styles I usually would never. I’m definitely excited for new trends. Here are my spring must haves!

Wrap and Overall Dresses

I’ve always been a rompers only kind of girl but I’m loving dresses this season. Not just any dresses, wrap and overall dresses. Wrap dresses are so easy to throw on and dress up or down. They’re perfect because you can look nice in seconds and fit me so well. Then there’s overall dresses. Over on the trend side, I’m all about overall dresses. I got one from Cotton On and it’s super cute and casual. I’m excited to wear some of these things!

Print Pants

I’ve always been a black pants only girl. The fact that I’m loving this trend is completely different for me! I’m still a little nervous about jumping on this trend and need to find the perfect pair before I commit but I just think it’s such a fun style!


This spring has me breaking out of my usual. I’ve started to wear my hair up which is completely new for me. The silk scarves trend is one of my favorites. I love how putting a scarf around my ponytail makes it more fun and can easily make it look much more stylish. I’m stocking up on these!


Not a new trend but I trend I’m forever sticking with. I don’t know why but sneakers have been my go to. I love Vans’ platform line and got some of those in checkered slip ons. But also decided to buy some high top black Converse. I’m honestly going to keep buying more because they’re so cool.

What’s your current favorite spring trend?

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?
Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me for this post.

Two years ago I got braces. Being a young adult with braces is not easy and I was so happy when I finally got them off. But then I realized straight teeth was only half of the battle. I also needed to make sure to keep them shiny and white. This is where Smile Brilliant comes in. Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitener that makes trays fitted for your teeth so you can get the best results. I used to use whitening strips and it was so difficult to keep on my teeth and actually caused me pain. Smile Brilliant trays were a great alternative to this. Here is how I take care of my smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Smile Brilliant sends you a package that contains all the things you need. It comes with a catalyst and base paste and a mold so you can make the impressions for your teeth. Plus, they include a pre-paid postage so it’s so easy to send back. It also includes the whitening gel and the desensitizing gel and they will send back your custom trays when they’re ready. It’s super easy to use. You put a layer of gel on your trays and put them on and you give it an hour or two and you’re done!

I used my trays at night and were easy to use. Besides strips, all I would use is brightening toothpaste so I didn’t know what would work best for me. After a few uses, I did see a difference with Smile Brilliant!


My teeth have gotten somewhat sensitive and this was so gentle on my teeth! I think it’s great that it also comes with a desensitizing gel because you can put that on after and it will help if your teeth feel sensitive. I like that it was a soft tray that stayed on your teeth because I know that when I put on strips and if they had to be adjusted it would get unsticky so having trays that fit helps a lot.


My biggest issue with this was the time. I’m always out and about due to work and school so dedicating one to two hours everyday was a bit hard because of my schedule. The process was also a bit slower for me. I did drink coffee everyday and I wasn’t going to give that up so that’s something to keep in mind.


I think Smile Brilliant is a great option for teeth whitening! At-home teeth whitening can always be hard when you have sensitive teeth and this has great options to minimize that. If you have the time to go through it, it will be amazing for you and you will get results.

Don’t forget to check out Smile Brilliant! Get 15% off by using my code: adrianarenee15

ALSO: Enter to win $149 Smile Brilliant credit by entering here! You have one week to enter and it’s open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canada! Good luck!


Tooth Whitening Gel

How to Get Ready for Spring

How to Get Ready for Spring

I love spring because everything feels so fresh and happy. People think the new year is the perfect time to start over, but I think spring is. The sun is shining and everything just seems so much better. I’m always excited when spring rolls around because there’s so much to do. Here’s how to get ready for spring.

Yes, Clean

Clean, clean, clean! There’s a reason spring cleaning is a thing. This will help clear our your life physically and mentally. So much junk gets accumulated and this is the perfect time to just get rid of it. Consider donating clothes to a shelter and recycling! This is the perfect time to just go through everything and get rid of some things.

Make Some Time

Once the sun is out, there is so much more to do. Set some time to hang out with friends or even just spend time by yourself. Weather-wise, spring is amazing because it’s not too hot and not too cold so there’s so many activities to do. But also, people are more freed up if they have their routine down. It’s so easy to get busier when it’s not cold all the time but make sure to take some time to just breathe.

Start Again

People always think that the new year is the perfect time to start something but spring time is too! The weather is better, birds are chirping, and it’s just good vibes all around. It might be easier to take on a new hobby and try something new. It’s never too late to start!

How do you get ready for spring?