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Let’s Talk: What Self-Care Really Is

Let’s Talk: What Self-Care Really Is

Self-care has become a thing. I’ve even talked about it before. Self-care has become a buzzword we throw around when we want to focus on our lifestyle. Let’s talk about what self-care really is. I feel like self-care is a good thing but a lot of people have started to miss the context of what it’s supposed to be. So now more people are brushing it off as a trend thing. But it’s so much more than putting on a face mask and calling it a day.

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It’s More than Bath Bombs

Self-care is regularly seen as taking a bath and having candles all around and simply relaxing. And yes, self-care can have those things. But the overall main idea of self-care is to do things that will genuinely make you happy or gives you peace. It’s not meant to just focus at the external but it’s suppose to take care of you from the inside.

Take Care of Yourself

Still have your bath bombs and face masks but also take care of yourself in the inside. This can mean cutting people out of your life that are toxic. It can mean changing jobs or a situation you’re in. It can also be eating healthier or starting a new hobby. Self-care can be anything as long as you are taking care of yourself in the best way. You need to have peace in your life and sometimes things don’t have a temporary solution. As long as you do something that gives you genuine joy, that is truly what self-care is.

What are your thoughts on self-care?

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Let’s Talk: FOMO is a Thing

Let’s Talk: FOMO is a Thing

I took a break from Instagram and it was the wildest thing. Not just stopped posting but completely logged off the app. It seemed like an easy thing. I already don’t post everyday so what really was I missing? Well 24 hours passed and I was low key miserable. It sounds stupid because it is but I was wondering what everyone was up to. But it all came down to this, I was afraid I was going to miss something big and I realized FOMO is a thing.

I always thought I was above the whole FOMO thing. But I soon realized that I just wanted to be in the know and felt like I would be missing so much with this break. Why is this a thing honestly? But it made me realize that taking a break from Instagram was a good thing. So let’s talk about FOMO.

What is FOMO

FOMO stands for the fear of missing out. That’s it. It’s just the feeling that you will be missing out on something. It’s like getting invited to go out with friends but having to stay in and study and feeling like you’re missing everything. FOMO is there and we feel like we’re missing the things that are important. But think about it, are we really missing out on truly dire things?

Why Is This Happening

Again, I think social media has a big part to play in why this feeling has become a thing. We share everything and we see everything others do. We see people do cool things and wonder if we should do it too. For Instagram I wondered if I was missing someone’s big moment. But sitting back I just realized how ridiculous that is. We don’t have to be part of everything, yet we want to be.

Sometimes we say yes to things we shouldn’t say yes to because we simply fear we’ll be missing something. It’s important for us to step back in general and realize that life will continue happening and moments will come and go. It’s important to make the important experiences count than try to feel like we have to be part of everything.

Why do you think FOMO is a thing?

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Let’s Talk: Friends

Let’s Talk: Friends

The older I get, the more people say it’s harder to make good friends. And they’re all right. In school you had a sea of people and situations that could change month to month. When you have a full time job, you are in the same group of people for hours. One of the reasons the whole idea of friends came to mind is because I’ve been seeing how it’s playing out in my life. So let’s talk about friends.

Keep ‘Em Close

I’m not a very good friend, I must admit. I suck at replying at texts and setting up plans. But the only reason I wanted to talk about this was because I learned one thing: keep your friends close. In college I made really good friends. Many of which I still see and keep in touch. But I feel like I took those friends for granted.

This is one of the reasons my word for this year is focus. I have a good group of people around me but I never really put my time and energy into making our friendships great. One of my friends will literally go out of her way and continue to rejoice in my news even if we don’t see each other as often. That’s just amazing to me. I have a hard time believing people can just genuinely be caring towards me so every little detail makes a big difference.

Everyone needs someone to talk to. It doesn’t have to be a big group of people but at least one person they can just share things with. It’s still a concept that I need to grasp and I need to be better about being there for the people I care about. But investing in friendships are very important.

What’s your opinions about making and keeping friends as an adult?

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Let’s Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

Let’s Talk: What to Do When Everyone is Moving On

I like to hold on to things for as long as I can. Obviously that doesn’t always last and things have to change. It’s honestly a good thing that things change. We may not always decide when that happens so we have to make it work the best we can. They’re opportunities to see how you’ve grown and analyze what you truly want to do next. However, one of the hardest things is seeing everyone around you move forward while you feel stuck. It makes you anxious and you’re trying to figure out how you fit into everything. So here’s what you can do when everyone is moving on.

Don’t Struggle in the Quicksand

I’m sure you’ve seen a movie or a cartoon where someone is stuck in quicksand. They usually sink faster when they panic and try to wiggle out. That’s the first thing that happens to me when I see things changing. I panic and make dumb decisions just because I want to feel like I am doing something productive or also moving forward. But that makes it worse. It’s hard and easier said than done but it’s important to just be calm. We try to jump and make things happen that are the wrong thing. So breathe and be logical.

Be Happy for Them

It’s hard letting friends go and seeing them move on, but be happy for them. I know it’s easy to feel the pang of jealousy or bitterness but that will not help you. Don’t feel like they are abandoning you or moving faster than you. Genuinely be happy for their opportunities. They may have felt the same way at one point and now is there time so support them.

Everything at its Time

Sometimes this whole season gets harder because we refuse to see how things are changing. Then we find ourselves stuck and anxious. Seasons will always happen in life so don’t dwell and feel like this is forever. Wherever you’re at right now, look at the positive, and look ahead. Don’t just think of getting out of this season but stay proactive and your time will come.

How do you deal with things changing?

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Let’s Talk: Is College for Everyone

Let’s Talk: Is College for Everyone

Since I started grad school I’ve gotten so many questions about school. But by far some of the most asked questions are it’s necessary or if they should even go. At first I told everyone yes. College is expected once you’re done with high school. But college is a whole different ballgame and something that everyone handles differently. Let me tell you know, there is no clear yes and no answer. So let me navigate through this.

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It’s Tricky

I’m a huge advocate for school. Part of it is because I genuinely love writing papers and school spirit. I also made some of my best memories in college. So I’m a bit biased because I want everyone to go to college because I loved it. But with all things, there are pros and cons.

Some of the pros to go to college are that you’ll at least have a degree to fall back on. You can make your degree work for you somehow. Plus, if you actively engage with professors you can make connections that can help you in your career. You really do learn a lot about what you’re majoring in and it can expand your thinking. I know people who ended up switching their major because they took an elective class they loved and realized their passions were different. On a more personal side, I’ve known people who come into their own in college. With new independence and no pressures of high school, people learned to be themselves and grew as people.

So now for some cons. In my opinion, the biggest con is finances. Thankfully I had a scholarship as an undergrad and did work study so my loans were low, but now that I’m in grad school and have to rely on loans to pay for it, I realize how expensive it is. Debt is what keeps people away. But there’s ways around it so do tons of research! Another con is that sometimes you don’t need it. I’ve known people who have gotten good jobs without a degree. You also have to switch your mentality about school. It’s easy to see the party aspect but I know people who struggled because they could get A’s without studying in high school but in college that didn’t work. It’s a huge adjustment.

Who Should Go to College

If you want to go into a career that you can only achieve with a degree, you should 100% pursue college. There’s some careers that there’s no way around this. If you’re uneasy, do deep research on schools and find one that fits. Sometimes disliking the school you attend also makes you dread college, so remember you can transfer out. Ideally, I say everyone should go and at least try it but you should go if you value the education you’ll get.

What About Grad School

Grad school is tricky. You can get your dream job without grad school. Personally, I decided to go to grad school because I wanted to prove myself. I did well enough in undergrad but I knew I could’ve done better, so I wanted to try grad school to see how far I can push myself. I also like the idea that I can be a professor. But I don’t feel like grad school is a required option. I recommend it if you want to continue learning about something in particular and if you want a career that requires you to have a masters. It definitely takes a different kind of commitment.

What do you think about this? Do you think everyone should go to college?

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