When No One is Watching

When No One is Watching

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. | Matthew 6:3 NIV I feel like Matthew 6:3 has always loomed over me. It gave me this fear that I have to be secretive about everything I do, regardless of how positive. But there’s more »

The Word is Redemption

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to have a word for 2017 and partly because I felt like most words that get chosen are cutesy or really feel good. Not to be a pessimist, but I didn’t want to hold myself to that because I have no idea what this year holds. But there more »

The Meaning of Christmas

The holidays brings a lot of different feelings. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays worldwide, celebrated by many and it holds traditions and stories. The meaning of Christmas is publicized often theologically and culturally, but I want to share my meaning of Christmas in a personal sense. Christmas is deeper than presents and decorations. more »

Through a Song: Do It Again

Isn’t it weird that throughout our walk with God we have seen Him answer our prayers but when a new problem comes up we quickly forget how powerful He is? I can’t be alone with this. We tend to panic and wonder how this even bigger problem will get resolved. But God never changes. He more »

Begin Again

I feel like I always try to be as transparent as I can on my blog. I’ve talked about my uncertainty after college and focusing on needing to be joyful. I think overall, my struggles are about trying to find my place and spot in the world. Here’s the thing, as much as I am grateful more »