Sounds: Currently Playing | November

Sounds: Currently Playing | November

I can’t believe November is over! Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I love being thankful and food, of course. It finally hit me that this year is going to be over soon. It’s been such a good year for music! Here’s what’s currently playing for November.


You know when you listen to one song from a musician and really like it but never think of checking them out? That’s what happened with Cass. I listened to “Do You” and loved it but never went back to check out the full album. Her full length Genesis is so good and fresh. I love music that is perfect to drive to and Cass’ music is definitely perfect.


Fun fact: I got to be a stage manager for Hillsong Conference which meant I got to hear tons of worship songs over and over. I completely fell in love with “Rain/Reign” and “Elohim.” They’re just such beautiful songs that make me cry. “Elohim” was done as a gospel version during conference and my heart could not handle. It was amazing!

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is one of those other artists that I listened and enjoyed one of their songs but never followed back. So after liking a couple of his songs, I went back and listened to his whole album and I’m a fan. He has such a cool vibe. Definitely someone to watch.

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What have you been listening to this month?

Sounds: Currently Playing | October

Sounds: Currently Playing | October

Let’s be honest, I’ve been listening to Christmas music all year long. That’s where you’ll definitely find me the next few months. But of course, before I fully dive in, there’s some music I discovered this month.

In the Heights

Before Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda made In the Heights. I’ve listened to the soundtrack before and liked it. But for some reason I decided to take another listen to it and grown to love it. I love the mix of Spanish and it’s a musical about just living life within the culture of Washington Heights. It’s a fun listen because it’s easy to relate and it just shows what happens in regular life in the heights.

Hillsong | The Peace Project

Let me talk about Christmas music for a second. Hillsong came out with a Christmas album this month and it’s amazing! They do a lot of the classics but give it a huge twist so they feel fresh. The song “Seasons” is beautiful and they “Silent Night” with “Saviour King” and it’s amazing. It’s going to be on repeat for the next couple of months.

Honorable Mentions

Another Lin-Manuel Miranda gem that I just discovered is 21 Chump Street, specifically “What the Heck I Gotta Do?” That song is so catchy and has been stuck in my head for days. If you guys don’t already know I’m a huge fan of Jordan Fisher. Fun fact: He left Hamilton exactly 3 days before I saw it in New York. I’m low key bitter. But anyway, he has a new song called “Mess” and it’s a bop. I have such high hopes for this kid, he’s going to be great y’all.

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What have you been listening to this month?

Sounds: Currently Playing | September

Sounds: Currently Playing | September

This month was definitely a blur for sure. A lot of the music I’m going to mention didn’t necessarily come out this month but it’s what I’ve been having on repeat. I kid you not, I might as well have my Christmas playlist going already. Here’s what’s currently playing for September.

Justin Bieber

Whether you like to admit it or not, Biebs makes some pretty catchy music. I listened to “Friends” the day it released and it’s definitely a song that you sing to at the top of your lungs. But guess what? I also finally listened to “Despacito.” You know what? I actually liked it. Cheers to you Justin Bieber for your music.

Dear Evan Hansen

I’ve been a fan of Dear Evan Hansen since it first came out but I’ve been playing it a lot more this month. A lot of it is because I’m bummed I will be missing Ben Platt in it but it’s truly a great musical and very inspiring! Plus Owl City did a cover of “Waving Through a Window” and it’s also so good.

Some Songs Here and There

We need to talk about John Mark McMillan and Sarah McMillan. I’ve briefly mentioned before how much I loved their song, “Glorious Things.” But seriously, they’re amazing. They wrote “King of My Heart” which is currently being covered by a lot of other bands. That song is my current favorite! Another song I’ve been playing a lot is “Glorious Day” by Passion. It’s truly just a feel good song.

What’s currently on your playlist?

Sounds: Currently Playing | August

Sounds: Currently Playing | August

Another month down and a lot of great music. I feel like this month I heard a lot of things but at the same time I didn’t. It’s strange. I also feel like I can’t keep up with all the new music and I just want to listen to it all. But now that summer is winding down, the super fun summer songs are coming to an end. Not going to lie, I’ve already been playing Johnnyswim’s Christmas album because that’s where my mind is at. But here is the new stuff I listened to this month.

Hillsong Young & Free | Love Won’t Let Me Down

Considering that I’ve played Youth Revival way too much, I’m so thankful Hillsong Young & Free came out with a new single. Again, it was one of the songs that grew on me and I absolutely love. It’s definitely a fun song that you can sing along to at the top of your lungs. Honestly, this just made me want a new album from them even more.

Elevation Worship | Lo Haras Otra Vez

Y’all, this has been on repeat. I already love Elevation Worship and this Spanish album is amazing! The songs are perfectly translated that the message is still there. Not to mention that the band had to sing this in Spanish and they did it so well. I find myself listening to both the Spanish album and the English one. I’m completely in love with this album and it’s beautifully done.

Some Singles to Listen to

I’ve been listening to Hillsong United album, Wonder, a lot. But “Not Today” is honestly my favorite song at the moment. I play it usually in the morning to distress because it gets me motivated. “So Will I (100 Billion X)” is also a great one I’m playing nonstop. I’ve mentioned the show The Get Down before and it’s such a great show. On the second soundtrack there’s a song called, “Break the Locks,” which is just a super upbeat song that just gets you hyped. Please bring this show back Netflix!

My summer playlist is still growing over on Spotify. Pretty soon I’ll start wrapping it up and start working on a fall one!

What’s on your playlist right now?

Sounds: Currently Playing | July

Sounds: Currently Playing | July

I’ve said this before but this year has had some of the best music. I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore. I feel like there’s going to be bands dropping surprise music everywhere. July is ending but we still have almost half the year left to go so I’m excited. Here’s what I’ve been playing this month.

Lany | Lany

If you haven’t yet listened to Lany, stop what you are doing and go do it. They have become one of my favorite bands and their first full length album is truly great. I’ve been looking forward to this album for two years and it was perfect. It’s what you would expect from them and the type of album that’s perfect for drives with the windows down.

Un Corazon | Somos Iglesia

Un Corazon is one of the few Spanish bands that I actually listen to, especially Christian related. There’s a lot of Spanish Christian bands that just do Spanish covers of English songs so it’s refreshing that Un Corazon actually makes original music that’s really good. Somos Iglesia is a super solid album and you can see how much their sound has improved. 

Summer Playlist

There’s a lot of songs I’ve been listening to. I pick a band and start a Spotify radio and that’s how I started discovering more new music. I’m collecting them all in a playlist which contains some of my already known favorites by Lorde but also tons others. Take a listen below.

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What have you listened to this month?