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Words: Faith Forward Future | Chad Veach

Words: Faith Forward Future | Chad Veach

Chad Veach is probably one of my favorite speakers ever. That guy can capture your attention and drop some truth into your life. His book Unreasonable Hope had me crying and I ended up reading it in about a day because I could not put it down. So when I heard about Faith Forward Future, I was ready to read it. Here’s some thoughts on the book.

About the Book

The book hits on the questions that are left when things in your life fall apart. All those plans and dreams that just didn’t happen and where to go next and how God is in the middle. Getting past disappointments and delays in your life is hard. The book takes a look at what God has planned and even why He may let things happen. But also explains how sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and go with it.


As someone who is constantly trying to figure things out, this book was timely. It wasn’t a cheesy book telling you that all your dreams will come true one day. But it is an honest explanation that sometimes things are going to fall apart and things will suck but the story is not done yet, even if it’s not the way you planned it to be. Chad writes as he speaks so you’ll find it humorous, although he’s talking through some tough truths.

It’s very honest where it doesn’t get my hopes up that as soon as I’m done reading everything will magically become great, but it reminds you to keep going and God will do something.

Check out Faith Forward Future on Amazon. What books are you reading?

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Sounds: Currently Playing | November

Sounds: Currently Playing | November

I can’t believe November is over! Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I love being thankful and food, of course. It finally hit me that this year is going to be over soon. It’s been such a good year for music! Here’s what’s currently playing for November.


You know when you listen to one song from a musician and really like it but never think of checking them out? That’s what happened with Cass. I listened to “Do You” and loved it but never went back to check out the full album. Her full length Genesis is so good and fresh. I love music that is perfect to drive to and Cass’ music is definitely perfect.


Fun fact: I got to be a stage manager for Hillsong Conference which meant I got to hear tons of worship songs over and over. I completely fell in love with “Rain/Reign” and “Elohim.” They’re just such beautiful songs that make me cry. “Elohim” was done as a gospel version during conference and my heart could not handle. It was amazing!

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is one of those other artists that I listened and enjoyed one of their songs but never followed back. So after liking a couple of his songs, I went back and listened to his whole album and I’m a fan. He has such a cool vibe. Definitely someone to watch.

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What have you been listening to this month?

Words: Single, Dating, Engaged, Married | Ben Stuart

Words: Single, Dating, Engaged, Married | Ben Stuart
I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

There’s a whole lot of books out there about relationships. There’s also a lot that talk about being in a relationship with God. Ben Stuart tries to combine both those topics into Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age. It’s a book that takes you through these stages and what challenges they bring.


The book is broken down in four parts: single, dating, engaged, and married. Each part has chapters that relate to that specific season. It contains tips about what to do in that season but also how this all relates back to God. At the same time, it explains how we should be in a relationship with God. Each section is designed to hit on the major parts that happen in every relationship season and Biblical help on how to get through it.


I definitely enjoyed the book but I do feel like it’s more geared to young adults. It’s primarily talking about these seasons before or as they happen. I don’t feel like it will give those who have been married over 10 years and deep insight. Ben is humorous and gives a lot of his own personal examples so you can relate or understand where he’s coming from. The book is a good reminder that God needs to be part of each of these stages and we need to be more wise about how we choose a future partner. There’s a few things here and there that are new, but not much you haven’t heard. So it’s a good book to keep in your back pocket when you need a refresher and redirect yourself when getting overwhelmed about relationships.

What books have you been reading lately?

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Sounds: Currently Playing | October

Sounds: Currently Playing | October

Let’s be honest, I’ve been listening to Christmas music all year long. That’s where you’ll definitely find me the next few months. But of course, before I fully dive in, there’s some music I discovered this month.

In the Heights

Before Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda made In the Heights. I’ve listened to the soundtrack before and liked it. But for some reason I decided to take another listen to it and grown to love it. I love the mix of Spanish and it’s a musical about just living life within the culture of Washington Heights. It’s a fun listen because it’s easy to relate and it just shows what happens in regular life in the heights.

Hillsong | The Peace Project

Let me talk about Christmas music for a second. Hillsong came out with a Christmas album this month and it’s amazing! They do a lot of the classics but give it a huge twist so they feel fresh. The song “Seasons” is beautiful and they “Silent Night” with “Saviour King” and it’s amazing. It’s going to be on repeat for the next couple of months.

Honorable Mentions

Another Lin-Manuel Miranda gem that I just discovered is 21 Chump Street, specifically “What the Heck I Gotta Do?” That song is so catchy and has been stuck in my head for days. If you guys don’t already know I’m a huge fan of Jordan Fisher. Fun fact: He left Hamilton exactly 3 days before I saw it in New York. I’m low key bitter. But anyway, he has a new song called “Mess” and it’s a bop. I have such high hopes for this kid, he’s going to be great y’all.

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What have you been listening to this month?

Words: Goliath Must Fall | Louie Giglio

Words: Goliath Must Fall | Louie Giglio

I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

The story of David and Goliath is probably one of the most known around the world. It’s a story of bravery that teaches us that we can overcome everything, no matter how large the problem is. Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio is about overcoming fears. What makes this book different is that it doesn’t do it in a cliche way, Louie makes you dig down to find your fears.

You’re Not David in the Story

I’m pretty sure you thought you were David in the story of David and Goliath. I know I have. You know who is David in the story? Jesus is. We can’t beat giants on our own but Jesus can in our behalf. That’s the whole point Louie Giglio makes. The reason we get so crushed by our problems is because we try to do things on our own. That’s why Jesus is there. We have to learn to call out to Him and He can get it done.

Louie also describes what truly makes us afraid. A trivial example (this is my own explanation) could be being afraid of heights. You’re not just afraid of the height but of what would happen if you fell. He makes you think deeply about your fears to see where they truly come from and how to realistically fight them instead of just putting a band-aid.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, it’s a good book especially if you feel overwhelmed by your problems often. It’s not a typical book telling you to overcome your fears but gives some insight on why they happen and realistic ways to overcome them. It’s a good enough book, just not a book I would reach over and read again unless I was truly in the mood for it.

What books have you read recently?