Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging full time would be a dream. But for me, and many other bloggers out there, that’s not the reality. Blogging in itself is a job so when working a full time job, there’s a lot more energy that goes into running it. It’s definitely an extra challenge we have to work through but it’s not impossible.

It’s tough and I know it gets really tiring trying to make it pan out. Let me go through some of our struggles and give some tips on how to make it work.

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Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Let’s talk about some struggles:


Probably the biggest and most obvious one. In between commuting and working, there’s little time to dedicate to the blog. It’s hard to sit and write post when we have to be at work. Or finding a good time to just unwind and blog. It’s the biggest challenge we face and one that we have to work with. If only there were more hours in a day. 


With not having ample time, it gets tough to connect with others. Blogging is awesome because we can be a click away from someone in another part of the world, but having times of our day booked up makes it hard to bond, especially with different time zones, it gets a bit hard to connect.


I live in California pretty close to Los Angeles. Sometimes I get invites to great events but can’t make it due to work, and if you know California, traffic. I tend to miss out on opportunities because I don’t have the time and access to them, it gets frustrating. 

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Try these tips:

Planning, Planning, Planning

The most obvious but one that’s honestly the most important. I was never a planner but once I got an editorial calendar, things changed. There’s sadly no way around this. Scheduling everything will keep you on track and show you how much time you can spend working on something. This is the best way to doing both.

Treat this like a job…

If you really want to be serious about blogging, treat it like a job. I know that doesn’t sound fun when you already have a job, but it will help you keep deadlines and be wise with your time. It all goes back to planning. If you see it as a job, you will allow the ample time to work on posts and create good content.

…Or Not


Sometimes the other perspective is not to see it as a job. There are always other priorities that come first and it’s okay to take breaks from blogging. This way you’re not rushing and posting posts written with half the effort. But it also releases the stress of feeling like this is a must. Your blog will still be there at the end.


What are some ways you manage blogging and a 9 to 5?

3 thoughts on “Blogging When Working 9 to 5

  • I really like the “treat blogging like a job…or not”, because I feel like when blogging isn’t your full-time job that there are times when it has to take a backseat to other priorities, but then at the same time, I want my blog to continue to grow–so I really do hustle at other times. So it has to be flexible, and that is one of the main things that I love about blogging. 🙂

  • This is such a great post, thank you for sharing these tips! I am somewhat new to blogging and it’s my side hustle right now, although I’d love to eventually make it my full time job! It’s a lot to balance with a full time job, but I find that planning out my week on Sundays and assigning tasks to myself help keep me accountable 🙂

    Kristen |

  • Omg such great tips! Blogging and working full time is definitely tough. I’m also a huge planner and it helps so much when it comes to figuring out my blogging schedule.

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