Blogging Do’s and Don’ts II

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts II

Since my last Blogging Do’s and Don’ts post was so popular, I decided to do another because with blogging you just keep learning and a lot I learn from you that comes to my blog. No matter how long I’ve been at it, I constantly still make mistakes and learn along the way. Here’s a couple things I found useful to know.

Do find a community

A lot of bloggers want to solo it and get to the top on their own, but that’s rarely the case. Finding a community with other bloggers and readers is so beneficial because they become your first supporters and they can teach you a lot. The first group I ever joined was with people my age, but it grew so big that community got lost. I love The Peony Project because they are so sweet and always root for each other. Community is what will help you get ahead and it’s always fun to have a group that you can trust on.

Don’t take sponsored opportunities lightly 

Sponsorships are what a lot of bloggers aim for. I mean, who doesn’t want to make money for blogging? However, I’ve seen many bloggers take on sponsored opportunities before they’re ready or with companies that don’t fit their niche. I’ve fallen in this category and received products that didn’t make sense with what I was blogging about. It’s really tempting to accept things with the promise of free products and getting a bit of extra cash, but analyze if it’s the right time and fits your brand. Your readers can sense when something is genuine or not.[Tweet “Brush up your blog with these do’s and don’ts!”]

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Do go with the flow

A lot can change within social media and where your blog is headed and it can be scary. Don’t fight the changes, go with it and make it work to your advantage. Although you may have an idea of what you want your blog to look like at the start, things may shift and you may find your voice in a completely different topic. Maybe it means completely rebranding. As your blog grows you’ll find what works and what doesn’t. That’s the cool thing about blogging, it’s not a one size fits all thing, so different things can work for you. Don’t be afraid of changes, it can only mean improvements.

Don’t let the numbers distract you

Numbers are a big indicator if your posts are getting out there, but it can also be discouraging. Just keep blogging and sharing your posts on social media. You may see others with booming stats but focus on your story. Maybe you have to change, like I said above, to gain a bigger audience. But don’t freak out if you’re not hitting big numbers. Everyone starts somewhere and it may not be instant. If you’ve been doing this for a while, stop and analyze your content and grow, but don’t let stats stop you or turn you into a click bait machine.

Do use your own voice

I come from a journalism background, so when I started I wrote in AP style and had this professional voice that sounded like a school essay. No one wants to read a robot! There’s obviously a fine line between professionalism and sounding like a middle schooler who just got access to the internet, but it is possible to use your own words and still sound like a real blog. Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on your blog, that is something no one else can imitate and what can attract others. I love reading blogs that you can feel like you’re actually speaking to the person, so make sure to add your quirks!

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What are some blogging do’s or don’ts you learned? What was your biggest breakthrough? Share your wisdom!


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3 thoughts on “Blogging Do’s and Don’ts II

  • Wonderful tips, Adriana! I love The Peony Project too 🙂 Community is so important in the blogging world and I hope to invest in it more this year!

  • Thank you for all the tips. Blogging is difficult and at times not fully understood for the weight it holds on the writer/blogger. I, for one, who used to be a blogger but failed, knows this too well. Happy Holidays.

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