Best Places for Pictures at Disney World

Best Places for Pictures at Disney World

I’m going to be starting a planning series for both Disneyland and Disney World so what better way to start than with the best places for pictures at Disney World. Courtney from La Belle Sirene and Annie from The Free & Wild Blog both suggested a Disney World version since I did one for Disneyland. Disney World is obviously a lot larger so there’s so many places to chose from, so I’m going to be sharing some of my personal favorites. Let’s go!

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The Original Wall

The wall that started it all. The purple wall over at Tomorrowland has become the must do at Magic Kingdom. There’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to it. There’s also a lot of other cool walls to visit around the park. One of my favorites is the bubble gum wall over at Epcot.

Morocco at Epcot (Bonus: The Rest of World Showcase)

Morocco is filled with so many details! I will say that the rest of World Showcase is amazing because you can take a picture in different countries and the buildings are so cool. But Morocco is by far my favorite. It’s so colorful and it’s beautiful. You can also meet Aladdin and Jasmine there! Also, there’s a bit of shade there which is so necessary in Florida.

Animal Kingdom

When I say Animal Kingdom, I mean all of it. It’s probably one of the most immersive parks. Each land has such cool feels and views. There’s always something pretty to look at. From cool paintings on walls to things hanging across, there’s so much detail. Asia is my favorite section. Stop and take pictures of everything!


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The Train Station

I completely fell in love with the train station in Magic Kingdom. I went up there right as the sun was setting and it was the most beautiful view. You get the most calm view of the castle. If you want to take more overview shots of the park and parades, this is the perfect spot.

Tangled Bathrooms

Who ever thought that bathrooms could be so pretty? Tucked into a little corner of Fantasyland you will find this gem. It of course looks more whimsical at night with all the lanterns on. It’s the best and one of the cuter places to take pictures.


What is your favorite spot to take pictures at Disney World?